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Okay, I created a profile some time ago when I was still at the ABDL Story Forum, but never really used it. As of late, I've been here to have a little fun; though I don't consider myself a sissy, I think of myself as a diaper lover. Anyway, I just hanging out here awhile and seeing if I use this place as stress release while I go through college.

A little about myself: I began wearing diapers at around five or six, suppressed it till my early teens, etc. Around age 16, I enveloped myself in the fetish, and upon turning 20, began to reduce it considerably.

My sissy side, if I have one is not very big, I got curious and tried wearing panties, but did not really get much gratification from them. Though I think it would be kinky and fun to do a G/F, don't have one though. I think my biggest sissy aspiration would be to be able to pass as a girl in public and go shopping with said hypothetical girlfriend. Though I doubt I wouldever do that.

Anyway, I think that sums up who I am with regards to this, and where I may be heading.

"I sorta felt like a sissy"
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Welcome, darling.   I think this is as good a place just to wind down and relax as it is for those who are heavily involved in sissy / DL lifestyles. I hope you have a lovely time here.    
"When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else or a community or a pressure group, you surrender your own integrity. You become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being." (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Hello from Sissy JJ too! 
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