Do you have/had doubts about transition?
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im 33 and ready to go all in.
i am prepared to put my life in the hands of the nhs because no one wants to employ a cross dresser.
personal feelings and stereo typical discrimination than profesionlity ?
yeah yeah yeah..... we adopt a non discriminable policy....
you adopt it but not implement it...
you signed and filed the document to meet the requirement ...
are we still being shunted .
i read somewhere that you my be required to turn into a boy again to hopefully improve your chances of a job.
so what,,, im male to female..
that dose not make me incapable.
that dose not make me sick .
that makes me a girl.
mental health is in everyone of us.
when someone moves into a new area..... hey are talk of the on for months.
then the lapping and whispers stop.
people then move in for a quick put on the spot question and gone.
the staring and body language and hissing starts.
many accept and welcome cross dressers and many would show there disapproval given the right time and location.
it goes to show how a member of the public can turn primal at the sheer disapproval of some passer bye and turn sick on someone with there self belief of justice .
i feel it is not the cross dresser who has the problem but is given the issues to deal with from some one else.
is it really for the cross dresser to explain him or herself to educate someone .
explain why your a boy.
explain why your a girl.
why do i still feel primitive in 2011 ?
250mph cars.... supersonic plains... space travel .... and that beautiful saying...
gender on the edge of a knife.

just walk on bye and have an amassing life.
hi sweeties.
have a wonderful day and please read my posts and it would be very nice if you could write a comment of how it was for you 
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a lot of things to consider......but i am ready!
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