transitioning to something more androgynous?
any resources/info about transitioning to a more third-gender body?
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I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm genderqueer/genderfluid, and have started going out in public en femme regularly. After a talk at the Providence Fetish Flea I've become curious about the possibility of physically transitioning to a more androgynous body. This is something that I understand is not at all accepted by the more traditionalist trans community, and know it will be very hard to find an endocrinologist amenable to such options - but do you happen to know of anyone who might be or have any useful resources? I'm particularly interested in the possible positive/negative effects this might have on my physiological health as we try to stabilize my depression. (Do you by any chance know of any people in the Amherst MA area?)
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To be frank it is probably best that you don't poison or mutilate your body if you don't have a particular, justifiable ideal.
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depressons may be result of an anbalanced mormone level. After taking estrogene and progesterone, be Dpression get way better. I transitioned to female in order to become the desired babygirl. But I did not say that open. I went all the way including SRs and change of status to female in birth certificate.

Other transgenders still don´t take me seriously because amd a sissy or babygirl.

I will take a look with some of my contacts and see if I can find any genderqueer help. In the mean time I believe theres is a post around here somewhere by me with a link to gender therapist's sorted by state and city. I would suggest taking a look at it. It may give you some help. If you can't find the post feel free to send me a PM. As for health issues I have never heard of any specific issues effecting those who are genderqueer/androgyne other than those effecting people attempting traditional gender change chemically. Those issues would of course depend on which direction you were coming from. I know from a MTF perspective one of the common anti androgens (testosterone blockers) known as cyproterone or sometimes under the brand Androcur should not be taken if you have depression. Aside from that there is a lot of literature about hormones out there. If you want feel free to PM me and I'll direct you to some info. Hope your journey is a great one love. And remember there is nothing wrong with any form of gender expression. your's is just as valid as anyone elses.

I dont know of anyone in the particular area, however a good way to find out is simply call the clinics and ask if they are transgender frindly,,,

I empathize for you,, i wanted to transition to something more androgynous,,,, my end result was simply start dressing somewhat like a tomboy,,,,,

whatever you do, and whatever you come too,,, youve got one life dont deny who you are
One alternative is to not do too much alteration at first and see how it goes. Start out with laser hair removal from your face, wear your hair long and styled, and dress in a feminine style, but still wear pants (as do most women these days). Maybe add some homrones later for a bit of feminization, but not too much. If your goal is to be niether clearly identifiable as male or female, that is actually a pretty good end point IMHO. Your mannerisms won't necessarily give you away either. And puts you in a perfect position to really dress up when you wish and look fabulous as a woman. Perhaps Androgeny is the answer.
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