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 Does anybody here know of good blogs or websites that tell stories, their own or otherwise, about the journey of being a transgendered woman? For awhile I thought this site was just something I did for fun, but now I wonder if it is just hiding my true feelings about wanting to become a woman, and I'm interested in learning the stories of others.

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" I was once a caterpillar, earth bound and slow. I went into a social cocoon and hid from the struggles of my change. I emerged a beautiful butterfly and spread my wings then flew high up into the sky. I was free and from here i looked down and found a field of flowers. I landed  and there were many butterflies  all around"
  Melisa Moore

Hello little Steph. Many of us who have taken this path are tight lipped about our journey. If I commit to telling my own personal life travel It will be an undertaking of over 30 years from 1986 to current

 The dollie mask is not to hide. it is a social statement of the superficial world we live in and how everyone wears a mask to be accepted by others. 

I have to think about unmasking to reveal my story,. For what purpose will it serve?
 I will consider the consequences of this action in documenting my transition. You see dear Stephnie, I am the butterfly.
coo coo cachoo
 Dollie Sissy..... M.M.PRODUCTIONS
@ dolliesissy
I understand where you're coming from Dolliesissy. I would imagine at least a few have documented their journey on a blog for therapeutic reasons and/or to help others, but I would also love to hear your story if you're willing.
sissy Aria
@ dolliesissy
  i do understand you,i fill the same about the mask. I am a clerk i work with the public. 
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