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The Transgender Body
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I was always curious about transgenders and crossdressers and pondered upon that thought of how they were able to transform themselves to look like real women. I know the body/physical shape of a man and women are quite different yet they are still able to manage that completely feminine and unrecognizable look.
And so I did some browsing on the internet and stumbled upon a website called had a bunch of cross-dressing products for every feminine gay people in the world. I was definitely intrigued! One thing that caught my eye was this photo of a transgender whom you would never expect used to be a male! She has blonde hair, a curvaceous body, no bulge, and very big breasts! She was using a body shape girdle which apparently tightened her tummy, legs and lifted her butt up. It also “pushed” her boobs up for a bigger look.
It made me think, anything is possible nowadays and thanks to the intelligent engineering of the people of today. Every single transgender like me can look more and more female like the photo I saw. I so can’t wait to see more of their products as I explore my femininity.
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