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Well I finally decided to get it over with and just told Mom everything this Wednesday. She took it really well! I'm sooooo glad I did it, it was so stresful hiding it from her.
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Congrats to you. I kinda wish I had the guts to come out but im afraid of the reaction I'd get from my younger siblings. It must have taken alot of courage to tell your mum everything. Dou you know if she will involve herself in your previously hidden life or do you think she'll just leave you to it? I really hope she helps you because it would be so much easier and more fun with a mommy to help push when its needed. Please tell all of us here about anything that happens with you and your mum. I for one would love to hear it. *hugs and kisses*  
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I'm so glad that you have been able to tell an important person in your life. As you have noticed and maybe known for some time, the more honest you can be about yourself to others, the less stress you will feel.

Btw...told her what? You didn't say in the post lol.
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very well done u got it off your chest . a pat on the back for you.
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Unfortunately she's just going to leave me to it now, sigh, but at least I can talk to her now about it when its bothering me
  Have you tried to talk to her and maybe she,ll help you thru this spot ?? I think if you both talk it out now that it,s out in the open she,ll start in . Good Luck Sweetie . All the best   
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