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I haven't been on sissykiss for quite a while but I've spent some time reading tonight and realised what I've been missing :)
I'm 21, I've been with my girlfriend for just over 6 months. I came out to her quite early on, it really wasn't easy for me to do but we'd got into those 'what are you into' type of discussions you sometime have at the start of a relationship and I thought, just go for it. I didn't tell her everything, just about liking to wear sissy clothes and occasionally a little bondage - I didn't say anything about the baby, nappies etc side of things, maybe another day.
Anyway, she was very understanding and said that it made her feel happy that I could confide something like this in her. Since then I've worn some of her clothes when we've been playing around and she's tied me to the bed etc and it was amazing.
Things really worked out well for me but you really have got to have a certain person who is going to understand, preferably someone who's a little more adventurous so that a fetish isn't a completely unknown world for them. I would never have dreamt of coming out to my last girlfriend for example.
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Cool! well i hope things go well. I would like to get a girlfriend....sigh
  I think it is great you could be so open and that she was open to you for being yourself. that says a lot for the both of you and I hope it works out for you both.


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