PG 13 Tips for looking pretty for Mommy
Looking for some advice into how to stay shaven and pretty for my two beautiful Mommies.
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Hewwo everyone!

So, I am a boy, I know that, and I have a boy's body. For the forseeable future, I want to keep it that way, however, as I delve more and more into my "little girl" side, it's becoming harder to manage. I spend about two hours a day on "sissy days" getting ready, and this is about every other day. I spend a ton of time shaving, And no matter how careful I am, I always miss some random spot. Would it be better with an electric razor? Is there a chemical product I can use, or is waxing better? All of this is stuff I don't know.

Another question I had is make-up. What sorts of make-up is best for looking feminine? I use eyeliner and mascara, though I'm pretty terrible at putting mascara on. I use lipstick and gloss but it's hard to get it to stay on and eyeshadow. Are there preferred products out there, or better yet products specifically for sissies?

Another question that's not quite as related: What are your favorite brand of diapers, for you babies? I am looking for super thick ones, like as thick as you can get, and baby prints are definitely a plus.

Also: How long is it safe to leave a buttplug in?

Thanks for any input for this new little girl!

-Caitlynn (formerly Rachel, I was given a name change by Mommy)
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I find that Veet works best. Don't leave it on longer than the directions say though, or you could get a chemical burn.

For makeup, because I want to look like a little girl and not a DrAG Queen, I only use some foundation, a little blusher, and lip gloss. Sometimes I add some glitter, because after all, my name IS Sparkles!  : I have had a makeover a couple times and I do look more mature when I do that and it is fun, but I only let a pro do that with me. I think doing it alone I might look silly.

A friend of mine who does do pro tells me "Cover Girl does not cover boy!" So steer clear of that brand. Max Factor seems to be a big hit. I myself really like mineral because it does not feel sticky - I hear it clogs your pores, but I have not had that problem.

The thickest diapers have got to be either Bambino or Abena. I actually had a Mommy once put me in an Attends, an Abena, AND a Bambino all at the same time! Now, my favorite are Tranquility, even though they are not the thickest. I think they feel the best, and I have had very few leaks in them. Bambino does have some cute prints. So does ABU (AB Universe).


DUCK TAPE i promise you before you do any other hair removal technique duck tape will get you hooked UP. even veet sort of just snaps it off at the surface like a toxic shave regularly and hurts and costs a ton and is smelly. Just put a strip all up and down yoru hairy legs and RIIIIIP it off. if you want to duck tape the PUBES then dont just put strips the pubes have far bigger more painful folicles... in that case rip 3rd strips off and fold tiny little folds over likea tuft of hair then yank the little tab off, not even close to a whole strip and the FOLD is what matters.... dont fold any skin though!!! teeeheee. the legs part and arms and back and belly part ruipping whole strips off hurts in the best way possible because you will rip a fresh little baby boy body off of you in literaly an hour and it will last for a month and grows back less manly in over a month. the pain instantly connects with win, not hurt. the pubes part hurts way more and i still cant manage to duck tape my pubes away but every now and then i approach it a little more. i only niped a tiny tiny tiny doty of blood once and i really folded the skin and went off at an angle and had the folicle from all holy hell all 50 of them in a soft spot. even the parts you think will sure kill you and take you to the hospital to duck tape wax, i promise can be duck taped. ive spent 2 dollars worth of duck tape so far and about 4 hours total in the past 3 months. im a sissy but im no consumer
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