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I'm curious as to how I should go about buying girly clothes, it's winter now so lots of guys will be buying them for significant others in stores, but i'm kindof at a loss as to what I should buy first to start building my wardrobe, obviously some underwear, and some skirts and dresses, and I'm on a total shoestring budget. Any ideas would be helpful, particularly in how to get my general sizes.
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General sizes can be found online. Go to a women's clothing store, and they will have size charts.
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So you are on a budget - well don't fret !
Nothing wrong with being frugal.
Underwear - unmentionables for the most part is a trial and error
process getting something that fits you and feels comfortable.
Underwear for the most part is not returnable so buy with care.
As for outer clothing consider visiting a Goodwill; Salvation Army
or thrift store and just trying on a few things to see how they fit
and to get an idea of the sizing of clothing.
You could also visit JCPenny; Wal*Mart; Target or similiar stores
and sample clothing that suits your taste.
AND - most importantly take a tape measure with you to get an
idea of how the size lables measure up to the tape.
Something that you will quickly learn is there is NO UNIFORM SIZE
standard for clothing sizes. But at least with the tape measure
you will be able to tell if something is in the ball park for size & fit.
You don't have to buy anything to use the fitting rooms but be nice
and return the items not accepted to the place you found them or
to the attendant working the fitting room. Remember that you can
buy something - take it home - try it on with other clothing to see
how things go together and if it is not right take it back for exchange
or refund.
After a while you should be able to put together a wardrobe that fits
the season and add things from time to time.
Watch for current sales such as Black Friday - Cyber Monday for newer
Remember you don't have to buy to try on interesting clothing.

thanks, I'll start by looking at underwear sets at target, wish mke luck :-)
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I have a suggestion: Go to Thrift Stores, they are loaded with cheap womens clothes. I even found good diapers there for $2 an 8 pack. I would buy under clothes new online at ebay. I also recommend www.pleasingpanties.com they have almost every womens panties made including custom ones.
Pluse alot of the older women will help you out in a store if you ask them belive it or not. I went right up to one and said softly tho lol I love this store and would wonder if you can help me out with sizing me a dress for me. She gigled and told me you would not belive how often that happens from time to time lol. You may get a friend out of it as well. Took me to the back room and out of public view whole nine. she had a blast helping me too lol
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JC Penney has clearance racks throughout their store with really good prices. And then after you buy you can go online and fill out a survey and get a coupon for 15% off your next purchase. You can print out the coupon as many times as you'd like too.

Also, if you're worried about size, a lot of stores don't have an attendant at the fitting rooms so you can take something from the women's section and try it on in the men's section (you can grab something from the mens section to hide your women's clothes under if you want).

Thrift stores are great too, and you can try on things there too.

Good luck,
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