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One of the major issues I've always had with this site is actually reading/navigating it. Even just making this thread, I could barely read the text that says "Title", "Description", "Tags", "Rating" and whatnot. Anyway, I've been bored out of my right mind lately, and so I figured I'd visit you all again and go through some old threads in the Stories and Comics sections; see if I could find anything good. I did, of course.

The problem I ran into, though, was that whenever I'd finish up with a thread and instinctively hit Alt + would boot me all the way back to the first page of the particular sub-forum that I was in, even if the thread I'd just finished with was on page 2 or deeper. I know that this is caused by the scripting used for the forums; individual pages of threads don't have a separate URL, so the browser can't get back to the exact page it was at before. Standard Back/Forward commands don't work like that. This was really jarring, especially with longer stories. I'd often forget what page of the threads I was on.

I know it's really nitpicky, but I really don't see the purpose to the current system. It's not any faster in terms of load times, and forums don't really need a whole lot of pizzazz in general. After all, it's inevitably the user base, and the content that they share, that inspires people to stick around in a forum more than anything.

I came up with a little do-it-yourself fix; if I open individual threads in a new tab, I don't lose my place in the thread listing. This is still inconvenient, however (and less advanced users may not think to do such a thing).

So, agree/disagree? Am I just missing the whole point? I'd like to hear some thoughts.
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I love beauty mixed with function if it's possible. That's kind of the theme of the site. Some people like not having to load a whole new page just to see more forum topics. I get mixed reactions on that feature, but I just made something that is possibly a compromise, try pressing the navigation tab at the bottom of the screen. The link where the forum name is will also take you to the page of the forum that the topic is on.

I'll also make the title, description, etc. field sets easier to see.
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