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At the TG Costume Boutique, men can enjoy becoming sexy little women, and women can become strong, manly studs, with the help of our magic costumes for any occasion!

Here we have one of our staff helping a pretty little thing try on one of our gorgeous Princess costumes. Gabe, or should we say, "Princess Gabriella," is going to a costume party with "his" wife, Maddie; the only thing is, our pretty princess is going to be the lady, complete with her husband as "Prince Matthew!"

This special "Princess Priss" version of our costume is woven from magic silk, instilling the wearer with soft, flawless skin and a gentle demeanor. The bodice will give your princess a frail, dainty body type with a knockout figure, and the puff sleeves with veil silk will drain 98% of the strength from her body! The main attraction of the outfit is the full 4-meter diameter skirt, complete with bustle, petticoats, and crinoline. Not only do they brush with the magic mincing stockings and crystal slippers to hypnotize your dainty damsel into adoring her many frillies, but the strategically placed corsage fills your little lady with hot feelings of lust towards her prince, which she can only express when you finally get to undress her at the end of the night!

All this includes the intelligence-sapping wig which makes your tiny wife helplessly ditzy, the crystal tiara that turns her into a mouse-fearing little pansy, and the behavior modifying makeup kit and jewelry, in case your little pretty tries to resist her lovely gown!

With your lover in this costume, you'll get to pamper her like a real princess!

(Please note that the Prince Charming costume also includes behavior altering magic, although said magic is of less potency than our Male-to-Female costumes. Magic of the costumes will remain in effect for up to 24 hours after removal. Any act of intercourse while the body is still altered by any TG Costume Boutique Brand or related products will result in all changes becoming permanent, followed by a voiding of the refund warranty.)

Prince Matthew and Princess Gabriella had a wonderful time at the Costume Ball. So much so, that they decided to stay in their costumed roles, for life! It's a good thing too, because they wouldn't be able to go back if they tried, not after Matthew took his Precious Gabriella's virginity!

Wouldn't you boys like to be pretty princesses, too? Then ask your girlfriends to get the two of you costumes at The TG Costume Boutique!
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Great caption and there need to be places like this.

oh my heavens! that;s such a cool caption and a wonderfull concept idea ) I love it
Why yes i would like to be a princess
I like your concept and the image is great thanks for posting it 
more captions about the costumes from this store please. is neat idea. maybe a story about the store. hehe
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