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PG 13 Is there a term for a thumbfinger sucking fetish?
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I know this sounds dumb, but I recently have become intrigued with the image of a submissive being forced to suck the fingers and/or thumb of his/her dominant other.

I was reading a story on another site, and it a husband was forced into babygirl-hood by his wife's lesbian lover. There's an part in the story where he's cradled her arms and she stick's a finger for him to suck on. He's was so humilated and submissive. Hey! If Angelina Jolie wanted me as babygirl sucking on her fingers, I don't think she would have to ask twice!

Normally, I am more of a forced babyhood for girls, but the occassional cuckold guy story can be entertaining as well. I was hoping to find more imagery along these lines on the net, but can't quite find anything that matches. Is there a term for this? Digitphilia? Phalangephilia? Anybody else find this intriguing?
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I would suck Angelina'Jolines finger too along with her nipples and other bits.

I alway search the net for cuckold sissy baby stories and images but I don't really find much new stuff.Even the diaper video porn is rubbish usually some foreign crap with a woman using a strap-on on some squaling diaper dude-TOTAL CRAP
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