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I've been going out with this really nice guy for awile and I want to tell him i wasn't always a girl how do I do it
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, hope you have fun meeting friends here. I am a big baby.
 Thats quite a dilemma .Firstly do you intend to have a long relationship? If you do you need to tell him soon ,It is better to have no secrets when the relationship is young then there wont be repercussions later .And of course if he doesnt accept YOU then you wont have wasted to much time and it will be easier to move on .Just pick a time make the moment as romantic as posible and test the water by maybe asking if there is anything he would change about you .Hopefully he will say he loves you just the way you are and that will give you the opening you need...I feel like some sort of councilor but I am trying to be you, and having had secrets myself in earlier relationships I know how you feel. The one I am in now(which is 12 years old) from day one I told all. ....Remember not all advice is good just take the bits you can use and good luck keep us posted I for one will be looking for the outcome xxxxxx.
Baby Makayla
Hi from baby makayla
I have been married for 22 years and I have never kept a secret from my wife. I was married for 13 years when I told my wife of my desires to be a sissy baby. I felt that my wife really needed to know and I trusted that the love for each other would get us through this and I hoped that she would understand. If he truly loves you it should not matter who you where before but who your are know . It will not be easy to tell him but he does need to know. My wife when I told her would not have anything to do with my fetish for about 4 years and I had to dress in private. It was about 5 years ago when she started to read about infantilism that she understood why I need this. I hope everything works out for you with all my love .
baby Makayla
Sissy Jenni
Welcome to Sissy Kiss! Wish I knew the answer, but it sounds like very good sdvice from Sarah2cutis and Baby Makayla! Good luck! ^^
Sissy Jenni
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