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I'm looking for a nice tee with puffy sleeves,pastel colors and soft fabric(like a cotton/poly blend).It should have a straight hem and just come to the top of my diaper or panties.A matching diaper cover would be nice also.I bought two sets like this off ebay and it was a one-size-fits-all type thing,you know the description...up to a 50"chest,it fits like a sleeping bag.I have a small waist,30",and a small chest 38".Anyone know a nice site that would carry this?Kristie
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I'm not sure where else to find these, but if it's a size issue with your other ones, you could learn or have someone else do what's called "take it in" for you. That is, sew it in such a way that the excess fabric is taken in, sort of like when you pinch the shirt to make it tight as it would be if it fit you. (my explanation sucks, but I hope you see what I mean.) It's not too hard to do, I don't think, and even if you didn't do it the technical way, as long as it was comfortable to wear and you thought it looked nice, it wouldn't matter.

Hope this helps!!

I know that a number of ebay vendors will fit a garment for you; it's best to check when you are buying. As for what you already have, taking it in is quite possibly well advised.
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