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I need easier access to sign-in when I get booted!
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Hello, oh wonderful creator of sissykiss! I LOVE the new changes to the site, and the new default page is ohhhh so pretty! But, when I'm in chat and lose my internet connection (which happens kind of a lot--my problem, NOT yours), I often have to sign back into sissykiss when I get back online.

With the old setup, it wasn't a big deal, I could just bounce to the forum using the button at the top of the page, and use the sign-in at the top of the page there, but now, I have to actually go to my browser and go back to the main home page (, go all the way back to the forum page, sign in, THEN go back to chat.

Could there maybe be a sign-in thingie on the default chat page? That would RULE, and fix my problem!


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~*Christie Luv*~
Oh thank you Manda and for the suggestion. When I can get some time I'll look into seeing if I can do that.

In the mean time to keep you signed in remember to press the "Remember me" option when you log in. It should keep you logged in unless your browser deletes your cookies when you go off the internet.

Another thing you can do is save the forum page in your favorites, so you can simply press a button and it will take you right there.

Oooh, thanks, Webbymissy Luv! I'll try using the "remember me"! I didn't think of doing that!  

By the way, if you're the creator of the smileys, WONDERFUL job! I wish I could take them with me to ALL the sites I use!

~*Christie Luv*~
Thankies Manda! Oh yes I made about half of the smilies, I'm so glad you like them! I made the ones that are like these:


I made the round robin for people that want others to add to their story, cuz those are called round robin stories but people have been using it for any random thread *giggle*

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