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I'm thinking of writing a story about a femboy named takashi and would like some idea's, xxx rated is fine the look of takashi is my idea but the rest is fair game please help and thanks 
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I think that with sissy stories if you are going to have a  cruel mistress in it it's always nice to have a secondary character that's friendly or nurturing. I do understand that a lot of sissies love the strict Domme that punishes but I find those always quite difficult to read because it would just be far too much for myself and I find it difficult to empathise. :) I think its a little bit like good cop bad cop :) since your character has a Japanese sounding name a story about her training to be a Lolita pop idol or waitress girl might be nice. I can see beautiful photo shoots under falling cherry blossom and a otaku sissy who worships and wants to be an anime character and gets a little offended with people using his femme name instead of the characters name  :) Japan apparently has panty vending machines too! Japan has so many cute little toys and figurines to draw inspiration from and they have beautiful transvestite pop groups. Decora and visual kai.

Best of luck sweetheart  x
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