how to switch to panties 247??
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i want to get rid of my nasty boy underwear and switch to my panties but im a scared that someone might notice. how do i do it so that it stays my little secretand i get to enjoy panties 24 7 should i just toss them all or keep a pair just in case? can i pretty please get some feedback
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wear darker not tight fitting pants then the panty lines won't show through
if you are living in a household with other people you are going have to keep your boys underwear lying around and throw some in the wash so it looks like you are wearing them and then wash your pretties when noone is around.

or better yet do your laundry in private or at a laundromat.

Personally i live with my mom for monetry reasons but have the advantage of being alone alot and can do my girlie dressups and whatnot. All my girlie stuff is in the top of my closet and she probably knows but she doesn't say nothing :)

I have yet to be "caught" crossdressing in years, and wash my girlie stuff when she's not around and use a dryer as it's quicker than the clothesline :)
Toss them all! Buy a variety of styles including some "boyshorts" and bikinis in black and white.
Don't worry about it.
Be happy.

Dawn P
Most of the time, I am in panties. I like Victoria's Secrets. I wear the cotton bikinis, thongs, hip huggers and cheekies, no one notice if the do so what. The only time I don't wear them is around family.
 Just start replacing them and throw out your boys underwear as you get an new pair of panties. then if some one should notice i am sure nothing will be said. I have worn them for years and I am sure from time to time they are seen while working but no one has said a word.

Even when going to the dr and I have to drop my pants for an exame he or she says nothing. If they did I would just say its what I like it feels nice you should try it.

I have only one pair of boy panties which are for going to the doctors for yearly check ups (they are now 6 years old) I only wear girly panties and have done for a long time. I too started by replacing my boy ones as they wore out and by the end of a year my pantie draw was wounderful. It is hard to choose which ones to wear some times as they are all so lovely to wear.
Just do it as you will feel so much more girly afterwards.
Cuddles Karly
I been wearing panties 24/7 for about 5 years now. No ones ever confronted me on it but i'm sure people notice, Somtimes i see people laughing and wonder if its me. Just something we gotta deal with as sissies.
This should be an easy transition as long as you don't go bonkers and start
with "Hot Wild PINK" with lacy appliques etc.
Save those for later and more private moments.
Just start with a basic white brief sans the fly panel - we girls don't need
the pee hole and anyway since the 70's there have been mens undergear
without the fly panel.
Nothing strange here.
If questioned you could easily say you got them from an european ebay
web site so-on.
Your old guy underwear was much coarser and of heavier construction so
get used to the thrill of wearing something of less weight and not quite
so supporting.
You can start with the basic Hanes cotton panty that looks just like the
male counterpart but without the fly panel.
Or Jockey has a panty with a faux fly panel.
Hanes can be bought at Wal-Mart; Target; Walgreens; CVS; K-Mart and
stores like that.
Once you get your size right you can buy them in the more economical
3 or 6 packs.
Later go back and take a look at what else you would like to wear; colors;
prints; thongs; hi-cuts; bikinis; briefs; etc.
Want some fancy pants try Victoria's Secret or the lingerie department in
Keep in mind that Hanes is on the low end perhaps panties for less than a
dollar each and with the more fancy stuff you can go over 25 dollars on a
single panty.
Can't get out or are reluctant to shop a physical store then consider
logging onto ebay and browse to your hearts content or until something
else happens (I will leave that to your imagination).
I have a few pairs of double panties and the effect when wearing loose
outer clothing is quite exhilerating.
The fabric of the inner panty sliding and rubbing against the outer panty
and a lot of other things in motion is a turn on.
Remember to do some research before just going out and buying panties
off the rack.
Thongs are not like jock-straps (heaven forbid) and do not offer full support.
Some panties do not have much room in the crotch and therefore they
pinch and are not comfortable for long term wear.
Bikinis sometimes do not have enough material to be nothing other than dental floss.
A good time to buy is coming up; Valentines Day and there should be a
great many sales and bargains to get you started if you have not already
done so.
And now is the time really go all out for the color "R-E-D" !!!!!!!!!! or even
As for doing laundry - well just do it.
Don't know how ask get the basics down then slip in your daintly things and
do them up with the rest of your gear.
Learn how to care and hand wash the finer things.
If you do not have a dryer - line dry your precious things out of site of the
You really should be able to string up your undergear in your own house
and not be too terribly concerned about your family seeing it.
All right maybe the radical stuff will cause embarrassing problems but in
time the household will get over it - unless they are card carrying members
of the christain right tea party and can throw the first stone inside a glass
In that case maybe you are out of your league and should not be there!
I have been wearing panties for over 40 years and have had no issues.
I wear kilts - skirts - skorts - short shorts - tights - leggings and PANTIES !
Just a matter of mind over matter.

I agree I myself have not made the switch yet however boy shorts are amazing they are soft Girly and they got tightly for easy ticking even for some one like me who is unfortunately larger than 3 inches.. I say start with them but that's just me. Shave it feels so much better. That's my 10 cents anyways good luck.

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