Swimsuits and breasts
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Being it's summer, and swimsuit season, I got to thinking how do sissies wear revealing clothing (a swimsuit top in this case) and have convincing breasts? I unfortunately lack the funding to go anywhere and the body to pull it off convincingly, so I was wondering how those who can pull it off. Also, is there anyway to do it with halter tops and other backless clothing?
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I just accept that I have more room for growth than growth potential and wear clothes that are cut for flat chested girls like me. Well not quite like me but with the same modest cup size.
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I'm actually a little lucky because since i'm kinda fat I actually have breasts but unlucky in that since i'm in karate I have musles too. I guess you could try some kid of dilicone mold like they do for fake breasts, or if you had the right materils and connections you could also try balistics gel like they do on mithbusters. that stuff simulates human flesh and I think it would be perfect for your purposes. this is off topic but there is actually an episode were jamie has to wear a diaper. Its for the "brown note" myth.
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I used padding lots of padding. But now i don't really need it after the surgery. I think you should try padding and see if it works.
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It depends on what you mean by 'revealing.' Lots of swimsuits come with good padding. And if you go for a top like I have here

but with ruffles, it masks flat chest, but is still a bikini. :)
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I made a couple of swim suits for my self to get around this issue.

The first I made was a sissy baby sailor suit that has lots of room in the seat for bulky diapers.

This one I made as more of an adult sissy with a built in bra to hold my extreamly large breast forms.

So what do you think of my efforts?

I wish I had a better figure and face to pull this off better. But I have fun anyway! 
Being a sissy is soo much fun
I love the little girl sailor bathing suit! Nice job!

WOW. nice job on the sailor suit! It looks great!
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