XXX Sweet Wittle Sissy Krystal Wants A Mommy
Me wants to says hewwos to everyones and is lookings for a mommy
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Hewwos everyones me is Rosy Krystal Cecilia and me is a cross-dressing sissy. Me weally wikes to cwoss-dwess in weally cute dwesses and is weally a sweet wittle girl at heart. Me also wikes to snuggles wiff my teddy bear Ralphie. He's my best fwiend and a vewy cute stuffed polar bear. Me also woves sucking my thumb since me weally wikes the taste of my thumb. Me can't thinks of anything else to say about me personally.

Of course there's somefing me wants during my stay here and that's a woving mommy. While uncle is outs working Krystal gets weally wonely by herself. So me weally wants a mommy who cans keeps me company and in weturn me will make my mommy happy in anyway me cans.
Sweet and Adorable Sissy Baby
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, I hope you find a mommy. I have a role play mommy, wife, and nanny. Enjoy the site!
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