Summer fashions
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Summer is coming as is the fashion that goes with it, I shall now share a few fashion secrets that keep you cool and looking good. And maybe just a little of a show off.

White Linen trousers, loose fiting almost see through with a molicare nappy underneath (purple). They show almost straight through, and if baggy around the waist maybe a little more.

Navy t-shirts - Not as hot as black, but still adds the same effect. Perfect for you goth girlies

Sandals - Keep your toes cool, and show off the paint to those who are looking.

Cut off shorts - Baggy and loose fitting, enough to show the diaper around the waist.

Short pink dresses - What more can I say

In all cases try to avoid satin, its nice and comfy but far too hot. Nice for short periods, but if mummy will let you stick to cotton goodies. And talc in the nappy, keeps nappy rash away and sweat at bay. 
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^_^ dont forget short skirts and tank tops

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hehe i wear sandals every day of summer (and sumtimes i continue into winter  )
lots of love
from lilgirl stephy :)
got to have the short pink skirts, and sun dresses
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