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I have noticed in my posts on the right side there is a listing for My Style. Mine is Baby Doll Delights, and I have noticed a majority of others are the same. But I have seen some listed as Pajama Party, Sissy Kiss Nursery, Barbie, Sailor Moon and others.
I was wondering where this designation comes from and how it is arrived at or is there a setting somewhere that I missed that changes it. Thnx in advance for any info.
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi hun! Yes you can find the link to change your styles in the menu of links on the left hand side of all the forum pages. It will be the link that says "My Style"

Here is the same link:

*My Style*
Oh thank you Miss Christie. I feel sooo silly now for not seeing that, giggles. I luv your site sooo much. And jus' a note, think I'll leave it at Baby Doll Deights,, It really does kinda fit my personal style,,was just wonderin' if it could be changed, Thank you soo much for the help.
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