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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else is having problems opening story threads. For the last couple of days, when I click on a story it loads partially and never finishes-just keeps trying to load. Everything else on site seems to work fine. Is it just me? I'd appreciate any help/info. Hugs, 'Lil M
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Baby Butch
It may be just you, I am not sure about that, only everything is working good for me. That problem used to happen often for me before the upgrade.

I would click on something and wait and wait for it to finish loading. If I then clicked a back arrow my computer would freeze up. Then I would have to hit the "x" to close over and over and leave without logging out.

I would delete browsing history, maby reset internet explored to it's default setting and log in again. Then things worked good again till the next time my computer hung up trying to download.

You may need Webmissy help when she gets back from vacation. Also click on the title and not the rating if that helps any?
'Lil Melissa
Thanks Baby Butch, I guess it was just me. Working fine today. I'll keep your suggestions in mind though, in case it happens again. I 'love' technology! ;) Hugs, 'Lil M
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