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Anyone who thinks that harps are just for women has never seen Harpo Marx play.

My musical skills are pretty much limited to playing the stereo, but I like electronic music, among other sorts. I am quite fond of Heaven and Hell, Albedo 0.39, and Spiral by Vangelis, and Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra, Sequencer, and Cords by Synergy. Emerson, Lake, and Palmer are also quite good. Keith Emerson did some interesting things, like sticking knives in his Moog to hold notes, or jumping over his keyboard and continuing to play from behind it without missing a note.

Good luck to you with your music. It's nice that you have the chance to pursue your dream.
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These are very nice. Thanks.

The first one is my favorite. The last one is also especially nice, though it is a little hard to read due to the small text.
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