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 when you find that one special person that wants a sissy whats it feel like?
*unowned allie*
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 I've known my wife for almost 50 years (I'm giving away my age, something a girl should never do). After all the initial concerns about the possibility of my being gay and fears & anxiety, she married me knowing all the truth I told her. We had 4 children who became accustomed to daddy being close to mommy in appearance at times (dresses nylons lingerie, makeup, shoes, painted nails). Today they are all grown and medical conditions put me back in diapers and plastic panties permanently. It's wonderful to have support from my wife & family who have watched my evolution from female daddy to full blown sissy. My heart races with each article of female clothes she buys me. She took me to a dressmaker, I guess a beauty parlor is next. I'm very lucky!
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