All XXX Can somebody please help me find a sissy yoga routine?
Would be so grateful
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I so wanna train my body to be the perfect little sissy but I just can't find a sissy work out. Can someone please help me?  
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Sissy yoga?

I can suggest several ideas for you.

firstly, buy some exercise clothes that make you feel feminine.  it might be tights, leotard, crop-top, tight yoga pants, bikini, whatever you wish.

There are lots of great Youtube videos of course, not particularly aimed at sissies, but many of them are feminine in nature.

You might want to target certain areas, of course.  I suggest that we need to work towards a slim waist, beautiful posture when standing, prominent chest muscles, and graceful willowy movement.

here are some general suggestions, not all yoga:
Ballet exercise:


core, willowy:
and on the mental side, you might listen to  AMSR stuff, maybe whilst relaxing afterwards


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