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Taking care of my skin, have some questions though
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Starting yesterday, I am taking better care of my apperance than I have been.  Started using a sugar scrub, shaving my legs and body, etc.  Today I started using an anti-aging lotion to get rid of the red dots on my legs.  Looking and feeling better already!  Next I think I'm going to work on hair removal around my private area.  Not sure what method to use.  Shaving causes ingrown hairs to appear there.  Any advice on this?
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To prevent in-grown hairs, I believe you need to make sure you're shaving with the grain.  Also, if you haven't already, invest in a ladies razor; their designed to be more delicate and cover more area as to prevent in-grown hairs.
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I get this too! My legs seem to be allergic to shaving. I don't know why. >.< I've found the best way is to use hair removal cream. I use "Brush-on in-Shower Hair Remover" from Sally Hansen. Some people are okay with how hair remover creams smell, and other aren't lol. Sally Hansen's cream is odor free though, and I think putting up with any smell for half an hour is worth smooth legs hehe.

Also you may want to look up laser hair removal. It lasts years, and when they grow back they are very thin. Then you can just laser them again.

Lovely skin starts from the inside out. You need to be healthy to have healthy skin. Vitamin E is a great vitamin for skin. I take the vitamins called "Nature's Bounty" "Hair, Skin & Nails" I also eat some sunflower seeds everyday because they are full of vitamin E. When going out I put on sun screen. Creams with Retinol in them are great for anti-aging.
Thank you both for the advice.  Shaving in the private area is always a challenge, I avoid hair creams around there for obvious reasons.  I will try and get some of those vitamins and put them with my current ones I take.  Been going to the gym to lose weight as well.  I will have to check out the Sally Hansen's though.  :-)  

The anti-wrinkle cream i'm using does have Retinol and it seems to be working to make my legs smooth and reduce the red spots a bit. 
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