PG 13 Sissy's Surprise
A short story inspired by a great pic. Thanks sweet Baby Jenny
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No sure whether this should be here on in "caption me" so I put it in both.
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It was the early hours after sunrise and they thought the area was deserted, but as Mummy made Baby Jenny lift up his dress to expose his nappy for the second time, a butch and very muscular young truck driver suddenly appeared from behind the cab of his truck. "Hey you little sissy fucker, come here, I want a word with you" he shouted as he strode across the road.

Baby Jenny just froze in panic. He knew he was too far away from his Mummy's car to run for safety and there was no way he could defend himself against this guy who was at least 4 inches taller and considerably stronger than he was. With teary eyes, he looked longingly at his Mommy waiting to be saved but instead she just smiled knowingly at him and calmly got back in her car leaving Baby Jenny standing there defenceless and terrified.

With the trucker just feet away, Baby Jenny broke down into floods of tears and uncontrollably wet and messed his nappy. His only pathetic defence was to squat down into a foetal position and suck frantically on his thumb.

"Stand up you fucking sissy" the trucker growled as he reached the cowering Baby Jenny. "I've been watching you for the last 20 minutes, waddling your fucking pansy arse up and down the street and posing for pictures. What sort of fucking pervert are you? Not only are you dressed like some kind of freakish fucking kid but your wearing a fucking nappy and baby pants as well! What sort of a weird fuck are you?"

He then grabbed the trembling sissy by the arm and roughly yanked him to his feet. "Oh my god" blubbered Baby Jenny still sucking his thumb. "Please don't hurt me. Please let me go back to my mummy… eh wife. I didn't know anyone was watching and I promise I’ll never come here again. Please, sir. Please just speak to my wife over there – she’ll be able to explain everything.” They both turned to look in the direction of the car his wife was sitting in but it had gone. He couldn’t believe it. She had abandoned him and he now feared for his life.

“Well looks like your mummy’s left you, so shut the fuck up and turn around so I can get a better look at what you’re wearing.” Baby Jenny obediently turned around slowly in a full circle. “So do ya think you look really pretty in your pink top, blue dress and fancy stockings, uh?” Scorned the trucker. “Do ya think you’re a real turn on for guys like me huh? Is that why you came here? Like all the cheap whores and other trannies who hang around here offering a quick fuck or a blowjob to earn a few quid?”

“Oh god no sir” stammered Baby Jenny. “My wife and I were just mucking around. We didn’t know anyone would be here this time of morning. I’m so sorry and so embarrassed. I promise you, my wife will be back in a moment and we’ll go. Please, just don’t hit me, I really didn’t mean to offend you” said the sissy as his pleaded desperately with his captor.

“I’m gonna tell you for the last time you little sissy bitch” barked the trucker. “Shut the fuck up or I’ll shut you up. I don’t give a sh*t about your fucking excuses. Now lift your dress up and show me your nappy.” Baby Jenny obediently lifted the hem of his dress to reveal his nappy and quivering white thighs.

“Jesus fucking Christ” exclaimed the muscle bound hunk looking down at him.“I reckon I’ve seen it all now. Turn around; I wanna look at your arse too.”Gingerly Baby Jenny turned his back to the man and held his dress up again to show off his thick padded bottom. Without warning the trucker grabbed hold of the sissy’s shoulder with his right hand, swatted Baby Jenny’s full nappy with the other and then squeezed it causing the mess to squish and squelch about.“Jesus, have you sh*t and pissed in this nappy?” exclaimed the trucker.“Christ, you really are a fucking baby aren’t you? No wonder your wife has pissed off and if she’s got any sense she won’t be coming back.” He then leant forward and whispered menancingly “now, I think it’s time you came back to my truck with me so I can have a little fun.” “Oh no!” Baby Jenny cried in despair “please, don’thurt me. I promise I’ll do anything or give you whatever money you want if you just let me go.” The trucker ignored his pleas and dragged him roughly to his truck on the other side of the road.

The trucker opened the door of his cab. “Get your fucking stinky baby arse up there and climb in the back” growled the trucker. Baby Jenny briefly resisted but a hard, stinging slap on the back of his thigh was enough to persuade him to be compliant with the younger mans commands. He climbed up into the tall cab and then crawled through to the bed in the back as instructed. There he curled up into a ball in the corner of the compact cabin and silently prayed he would survive this ordeal.

Thirty minutes later, with cum smeared across his face and dribbling down his chin, baby Jenny emerged from the truck a quivering, tearful and emotional wreck. His knees nearly gave way as he stepped down onto the pavement and he had to hold onto the tuck to stop himself from collapsing. After taking a few deep breaths to help gather himself, he looked around forlornly for any possibility of help. Having realised he was now going to live, his mind turned to how to get away and get home. But with no money and dressed the way he was, he had no idea how to achieve those goals. Just as he was starting to well upagain at the hopelessness of his situation, his wife pulled up in her car alongside the truck. Sidling out from the car she strode confidently over to her distraught sissy baby husband and gave him a huge hug; pulling his head into her ample bosom as she did so. At this Baby Jenny just broke down and sobbed and blubbered uncontrollably.

“There, there Baby.” she cooed. “Don’t worry. Mummy’s here. Did you think I’d left you? Did you think that nasty man was going to hurt you and you were never going to see Mummy again?” She now prized him away from her enough to cup his chin in her hand and tilt his face up to meet hers. Still sniffling and sobbing, Baby Jenny nodded to her with a helpless and confused expression. “Ah, diddums. You silly ickle sissy” his wife replied sympathetically. “Of course I wouldn’t leave you. It’s just that you’ve told me so many times how you fantasise about being abused and humiliated by a strong man that today, on your birthday, I wanted to make your fantasy come true.”

Baby Jenny’s eyes widened with astonishment. “Yes, that right baby” his mummy said. “I arranged for all this to happen. I met Dave the trucker a few weeks ago and he agreed to help out with your birthday surprise. I had to pay him of course but he was very accommodating” she added, remembering to herself how exactly accommodating he was. “I know you’re probably still in a bit of shock sweetie and you were worried something horrid was going to happen, but you know I love you and would never ever let you get hurt" said admonishing him gently. "So I really do hope you enjoyed it. Now tell me..." her eyes sparkeld "...did he make you swallow all of his hot man juice?

Now with the realisation that the whole of that morning had all been an elaborate set-up which his mummy had gone to tremendous lengths to arrange, he felt a wave of relief and euphoria wash over him and he allowed himself to slip back into his alter ego. “Oh wes mummy. The big man gave me a werry special lolly to suck on that squirts wots and wots of cream from it and it felt yummy in my tummy.”

“Oh darling, I’m so pleased you liked Mummy’s special birthday treat – and Dave certainly is one hot and horny guy isn’t he!” his wife exclaimed. “Now we best get you home, get that smelly nappy changed and put you down for a nice long nap because you must be exhausted.” And with that Baby Jenny was helped into the extra large child’s seat strapped into the back of their car and it pulled away heading for the security and comfort of his home and nursery. As the streets and houses blurred past, he sucked his thumb and reminisced about the huge cock he had had in his mouth just a few minutes before. It had been an eventfully and memorable morning and certainly one hell of a surprise.

Less than 10minutes later he drifted off into a peaceful and dreamy sleep and as he did so he heard, or at least he thought he heard, his mummy saying that she had invited Dave to come and live with them, and from now on, he was going to have a daddy and a mummy to look after him.

The lips softly suckling on his thumb slowy transfromed into a gentle smile and he sucked his thumb a little bit harder.
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