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I am rather new to this whole sissy thing.


I can remember having an interest in regression from a very young age after seeing various cartoons in which characters were turned into babies or at least treated like babies.


Im not sure exactly when the feminine part kicked in, but over time it did. Now its here to stay and I couldnt be more thrilled.


I am a closet sissy and have fantasized much more  than I've actually experienced/experimented. I hope to change that soon.





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Baby Butch

Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who wears diapers!


Hello Sissy Juliette:


I'm Prissie and in my heart I'm a happy, well adjusted 8 year old girl who likes to be pretty and wear pretty clothes. Its always a pleasure and privilege to welcome new members to our website. I decided to wear something nice to greet you at the door, so right now I'm wearing a white square dance blouse with ruffled sleeves, a red skirt and a white petticoat underneath. And underneath all that I'm wearing Vanity Fair pettis with lace cuffs.


I hope you'll have fun exploring your sissy side. Best way to do that is, go over to Khol's or Target or J.C. Penney and buy some nice panties to wear under your everyday clothes. You'll love it! And then, try wearing girl's denim instead of boy-jeans. Eventually you'll get to the point where you might want to try wearing a skirt.


Please, feel free to participate in any of  our threads, or start a new thread whenever you have something groovy to share with us. I hope you'll make friends here.


Sissy sweetness and delights and curtseys in the best young girl tradition,




Jennifer Funshine
*Huggles an rainbows From Funshine!*

Ish nice to meet you Juliette and welcome to Sissy Kiss!
There is nothing quite as exciting as getting to express your true self through girly clothes, so I do hope you get to experiment soon, hunny. Myself, I'm a full-time sissy baby but it took a long while to get there. The most important thing is to learn to be happy with who you are on the inside and the rest will fall into place.

Have fun exploring!

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