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* *A Sissy's Christmas Wish* *

Cailean in shivers arrived home on a snowy day. Only having one letter in the mail today, he observed, and it was very well decorated. He wondered who it could be from. Once opened he saw it was from his old friend Gabryle who moved away, and for some reason didn't tell anyone where to.

"Cailean dear friend, I wanted to let you know that I'm perfectly alright. I know my disappearance was mysterious but I now live in the North Pole. I'll enclose a ticket so that you can come up here to see me. You simply must, they've done a complete re-creation of Santa's workshop and Christmas Town that I know a part of you really wants to see."

Being someone who has a quaint little holiday card gift shop, Cailean was a holiday buff, and as soon as he read that, his heart skipped, and he was on his way, and he hopped on an airplane. It was finally time he could be seated, and he was digging threw his bags when a very sweet and cheery looking lady with long colorful red hair said, "Excuse me mister, ticket please." Once he gave her the ticket he could have sworn out of the corner of his eye she waved her hand, and the ticket vanished into sparkles. "Oh my, I must be seeing things. This is what happens when I go a day without coffee." he thought.

The time came, and Cailean arrived at the North Pole, and it was even more amazing than he dreamed of. Everything had Christmas charm, like he was walking into one of the Christmas cards back at his gift shop! Light posts were made out of candy canes, all the buildings looked like gingerbread houses, and many people were dressed in cute elf costumes! He thought he'd go to his hotel first, which the ticket also gives away for free.

A lady showed him to his room, and he found even it was another amazing recreation, and it had a lovely scent of gingerbread. Putting his bags down he saw a sign next to the chimney, which oddly said "If you'd like to be a part of Santa's workshop, and help Santa, then light this chimney." He wondered what is that supposed to mean? The curiosity of what would happen if he did got the best of him. So he saw a canister with matches, and cautiously lit it up. Stepping back suddenly sparks were flowing out of the chimney making him fall back on a cushiony sofa. He saw a sign next to the sofa saying. "You might need this." Shocked he saw the spark slowly melted away the back wall of the chimney, and behind it was a long tunnel with candy canes swirls all along the walls. It was big enough that he could crawled in it. It was so luring, and curious. He was drawn in as he slowly made his way to the end, a trap door was suddenly released! He slid down a long curly slide to land in a room with fast moving walkways splitting into four rooms. One with a lovely picture of a ballerina above the door, another with an elf, then little Miss Bobeep, and the last one had a baby doll. Very wobbly, he stood up on the fast moving walkway, knowing he'd have to make a decision fast, but then he slipped as the walk way pulled him towards the baby doll's room.

As soon as Cailean came in he realized there was no floor. He dropped, and landed in a big white cushion. Robot hands suddenly emerged out of the walls stripping him of his clothes, making him blush with red cheeks. He suddenly saw a robot hand pull out an adorable princess sleeved satin baby doll dress and a petticoat. Shocked, he knew what was about to happen to him but he couldn't escape. He stood up on the cushiony floor tried to run. It was like trying to run on a cloud, which didn't make it too easy. A hand picked him up like a baby, while another hand spanked him on his tushie. He could only guess it was from him not wanting to be dressed like a baby doll. Suddenly the baby girlish dress slipped over his head, and onto his body.

He thought he felt so girly, and so sissy. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. So confused, he then felt baby powder being powdered onto his bottom as he realized what was next. A thick fluffy diaper was wrapped around his sissy tinkle. He couldn't believe he was being turned into a big baby. Then hands picked him up, and laid him on his back, then started to slowly sway him back and forth, while another hand had a big baby bottle which made it's way into his mouth making him suck on it. He didn't know what was in the milk, but suddenly his eyes felt very droopy, as he passed out.

Once his eyes slowly opened again he woke up feeling very peaceful, and comfy. Then he realized he was already standing upright somehow, and his legs and arms and waist were tied by something. It was like he was a doll in a cute doll's case ready to be opened and played with. He found he could only pose in a very dainty and feminine manner, such as a doll would. It was then that he saw what looked like an cute elf girl walk in front of the clear plastic of the doll case, and gaze at Cailean with inquisitive eyes, but she wasn't like the other people dressed in elf costumes up in the Christmas Town re-creation city. Her outfit was much more elaborate, much less cheap cheesy costume, and more authentic. She had glitter on her cheeks, and very real looking elf ears.

A group of elves appeared behind her and they all opened the giant doll case. The elf girl's face lit up with excitement, as she jump up and squealed, "She's so adorable! Please untie our new baby dolly!" All the other elves gathered behind the case, and Cailean felt the ties loosened. With just one step he could feel the thick fluffy diaper between his legs, which made him waddle like a baby. He couldn't help but blush. He tried to speak but to his surprise it only came out as baby babble and in a very high pitched voice. Another surprise was all the hair on his body was gone, and he now had only smooth skin fit for a doll. As he took more stepped he felt a jiggle on his chest he looked down seeing two big breasts bouncing with every step. He thought "Oh dear! They made me a baby doll but they couldn't stop from giving me breasts??" The elf girl jumped towards Cailean and gave him a big hug, making Cailean squeak as when a baby doll is squeezed.

"Your so cute! I know this all must be very confusing, but your going to love it I'm sure. My name's Kiki, and not to worry cutie pie it will all be explained by the end of the day, but for now lets get you to the nursery." The Kiki took Cailean's hand, but Cailean tried to run away. Suddenly Kiki said, "Be a good baby, and mind your babysitter!" As if it was a trigger word that triggered something in Cailean's mind. All the sudden Cailean stopped, and turned back around with a cute smile and stuck his thumb in his mouth, while he walked with Kiki holding her hand. "Oh no, did they hypnotize me??" Cailean thought.

Kiki led Cailean outside the house they were in, and was awe struck. Elves dressed just like Kiki were everywhere. Flying reindeer were soaring above Cailean in the sky of what seemed to be a giant crystal-like ice dome. Life sized toy ballerina's, and life sized toy Little Miss Bobeeps, and elves were carrying miniature toys. The houses were real gingerbread houses instead of fake ones, and many buildings seemed to just be made out of various types of candy! There was a sound of a choir of elves singing somewhere in the distance.

Kiki said, "Welcome to the real North Pole sweetiekins! The fake one above is just a way we can distract people away from the real thing, and it gives real elves a chance to be among real humans when they want to, without freaking humans out." Later Cailean saw polar bears swimming in an ice pool. Kiki said "Don't worry hun, they are domesticated. We made them perfectly harmless. Don't give them too much Coke though, they become party animals!"

They reached the nursery, and it was a giant pink doll house. At the lovely entrance was a sign that said, "The Sissy Kiss Dream Baby Doll Nursery" Which made Cailean blush knowing that he'd fit right in. Such an idea made him wet his diaper. "Oh nooo, they will really think I'm a baby now." thought Cailean, and still sucking his thumb. Kiki rang the door bell, and another girl that looks like Barbie answered the door. She gasped and said "Oh my! We have another little angel!". She led them into a room Cailean was amazed to see many other adult sized baby dolls in a nursery playing with each other. Kiki said, "Okay sweetie, you can stay here until your new Mommy comes. Yes you have a Mommy who will just adore you, and love you like the little baby doll you are. Now go play darling." Kiki patted Cailean on his diapered tushie, and to go in the nursery.

He saw them playing ring-around-the-rosie. Someone in a giant teddy bear costume was cuddling a baby doll girl, who was in a fit of giggles by being tickled by the big teddy bear. Other baby doll's were playing dressup.

He couldn't believe his situation. He thought he'd try to communicated with another baby doll. He found a cute brunette in a lavender dress. He tried to say something, "Aga goo goo teehee" It didn't work too well. The cute brunette smiled gave Cailean a hug. She then giggled like she was about to be up to something, and then she pulled a string that was in the back of Cailean's back. "Where'd that come from??" Cailean thought. He suddenly found himself saying, "Ut ohsies! I'm a baby who just made a wetsy in my diaper. Can Mummy give me a changiekins? Please wit sugars on top?" All the other baby doll's giggled at the new girl making such a cute first impression. The burnette teasingly pulled the string again, "Oh I've been a naughty girl, if only there were someone around who can spank me on my wittle bottom." Cailean's jaw dropped afterwards as his hands covered his mouth.

The Barbie doll girl then picked Cailean up as if he was as light as a baby and said, "Aww it looks like baby has a wet diaper." They went into a room that had a diaper changing table. Cailean was gently laid down on it. Barbie made Cailean lift his knees close to his breasts making Cailean be a very cute babyish pose. Barbie unfastened the diaper, and started to caress Cailean with baby wipes. "Oh no, our baby dolls can't have this. How would you like to see some North Pole magic?" As she wiped Cailean felt odd as her private parts suddenly turned into a female's! Cailean thought "I'm all girl now!" Barbie then fitted her with a new dry fluffy, and soft diaper. Barbie picked Cailean up to bring her back to the nursery. All the other baby dolls gathered around, awwing and cooing at the new baby doll, and giving her lots of hugs.

Then to their surprise, guess who shows up. It was Santa at the door! The big jolly man had a special seat to sit in the nursery. Usually there for when Santa will read all the baby dolls a bed time story. Santa sat down, and all the baby dolls took turns giving Santa a kiss on the cheek. He noticed the new baby doll shyly in the back of the room. All the other girls encouraged her to give Santa a kiss, and Cailean did so with blushing cheeks. Santa asked her to sit on Santa's lap. She hopped on there, "Ho ho ho, I'd like to welcome you to the North Pole my dear. You are here for a reason you know. Santa knows what everyone wants for Christmas darling, and I saw a wish that was very special in you. I saw the heart of a very lovely sissy baby girl just wanting to come out underneath that tough exterior." Cailean was very surprised he how could know this. "I think you have someone to thank for bringing you here." said Santa. Then someone came in the nursery door, and Cailean got very confused. It was the girl with the colorful red hair at the airplane.

Santa said, "This isn't who you think it is. Gabriela darling, if I may just this one time." The girl with red hair nodded her head. Santa waved his hand, and Gabriela suddenly became Gabryle his old friend who moved away, and then with another wave of Santa's hand Gabriela became a girl again. All the other baby dolls ooh'd and aww'd.

Gabriela excitedly ran up and hugged Cailean. "Hi sweetie! I was just like you, who maybe didn't want to be a baby girl, but was definitely a girl at heart, and I happened to fall in love with someone who happened to turned out to be an elf, and so that's kind of how I ended up here. Now we have you as a little sweetheart to take care of. You have a Mommy and Daddy!" Cailean so awe struck by everything had happy tears, and hugged Gabriela.

Santa said "By the way dear, did you want a new girls name?" Cailean nodded her head yes excitedly. Santa said, "How about Francine?" Cailean suddenly gave an icky face. "Ho ho ho, okay how about, Maceo?" Cailean gave another icky face once again. "Hmm, I don't suppose you'd want to be called Rain Dear." Cailean's face now seemed to be stuck on the icky face. Gabriela said, "I know, how about Holly?" Cailean's face lit up with a big smile and nodded yes. "Holly? Wonderful! Everyone, we have a new Baby Doll named Holly!" All the baby doll's cheered! Santa said, "How about we go show Holly what the baby dolls do around Christmas time. Which is helping to decorate Christmas Town and make it beautiful." All the baby doll's cheered! Gabriela said, "Please come back in a couple hours honey, or Mommy will miss you, and you'll need your didees changed!" A baby doll pulled Holly's string, and Holly said, "Yeth Mommy, I be a good sissy girl!" Baby Doll Holly giggled and kissed Gabriela, and then skipped with the other baby dolls, and Santa out of the nursery.

The End

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make this into a cute wallpaper!)
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You have a very lovely style, each of the characters iis cute beyond belief, and thanks for making my christmas&new years.
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great imagery..makes me feel like i am right there
i love that story
How cute! It's nice!
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