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Hello. I am a sissy baby currently working in Afghanistan as a contractor. I am married to a beautiful woman who decided to accept my sissy lifestyle.

I have always been turned on by diapers and maxi-pads since a child. The first time I made cummies was in a make shift diaper I made out of a towel and some cottonballs. I would safety pin my diaper on and just hump my wee wee against the bathroom floor until I made gooies. Throughout my teenage years I would occassionally find a maxi-pad or two and hump off in them.

I have been married three times. Both my first and second wives cuckolded me with other men while I was diapered. My current wife believes marriage is sacred and will not cuckold me with an actual man. We instead have turned to the biggest black dildos on the market, that I happily fuck her with. I have only put my wee wee in her twice in months, both times after she had taken a 12 inch dildo. I barely put my wee wee in her before I was pulling it back out to make my gooies in my wet diaper. Now that I am in Afghanistan, I will not have fucked her for over a year.

I enjoy dressing up as a baby in all Disney Priness and being humiliated by my wife. My favorite humiliations are drinking a baba with her fresh pee pee and having a messy diaper rubbed in my face.

Before coming here to Afghanstan I wore panties and maxi-pads daily. My wife just sent me a care package full of diapers, maxi-pads, and tampons. I am so excited.

I have a lot of stories and humiliations I can share with this board as well as the challenges of being married and being a sissy baby.
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who likes to wear diapers.
We would all love to hear your cuckold stories so please share them including photos if you can.Women like real men and us sissies are just not up to the job of satisfing our wive's or gf's.
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