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Let's say that you've been dropped off for the day/night/weekend at your new sissy sitter's house. A fully stocked wardrobe and nursery have everything needed to completely feminize and sissify you. Please post at least a paragraph, and do your best with spelling. Now, then, as the doorbell rings, it's opened to reveal...

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 Let's say that you've been dropped off for the day/night/weekend at your new sissy sitter's house. A fully stocked wardrobe and nursery have everything needed to completely feminize and sissify you. Please post at least a paragraph, and do your best with spelling. Now, then, as the doorbell rings, it's opened to reveal...


.. my new sitter. My hand tightens in Mommy's as I look her over from head to toe while trying to back behind Mommy shyly. Her long , graying, choclate brown hair is swept back neatly into a pony tail, revealing laugh lines around the corners of her warm, gentle eyes. Her full , matronly breasts strain the materiel of her starched white button down shirt, and her pleated grey skirt reaches several inches below her knees. "So, what have we here?" , she asks laughingly, as Mommy urges me forward, making the plastic panties covering my sodden diaper rustle.

" Go on sweety, say hello; she's going to be your sitter while Mommy is out shopping today. Don't worry, she knows what a naughty little girl you can be, so I've told her she has permission to discipline you as she sees fit. Now, you behave sweety" Moms takes a deep breath and turns to my new sitter " She probably needs changing; I gave her a couple bottles of formula with laxative. I'm sure you two will get along famously", she gushes as she turns and rushes off to the waiting car. .....
as i am led back into the nurshery by my new sitter only to find it very girlish and the fact that i am about to be chnaged on a baby;s changing table, i juts let out a soft sigh and deal with what is before me
EDIT: I changed this one because I wasn't too keen on my first draft.

 Now, then, as the doorbell rings, it's opened to reveal...  

... the most gorgeous young woman I had ever seen in my life. Brown hair cascading down her perfectly-shaped shoulders, her hazel almond-shaped eyes looking over my petite body with what could only be described as a "hungry" expression. I blushed just being around this young woman and could feel my little stick get hard in my diaper. I was astonishngly self-conscious, standing there in frills and ruffles, sucking hard on my pink pacifier, my little shaven sissy legs trembling in my little toddler tights. The girl laughed at me, straightening out my big pink baby bonnet and rubbing my ever-reddening cheeks with her silky smooth hands. "There's my baby," she said in her most melting voice, "there's the little sissygirl who I've been told to take care of. Listen diddums, your "Mommy" has been getting a little sick and tired of your dressing up. She says that's for little girls and she doesn't want a little girl as a fiance. Lucky for you, I'm here to help." She giggled her sweetest laugh and my legs really started to shake, nervously stepping from foot-to-foot in my little pink booties.

"But we're going to have a great time, aren't we baby?" she continued, stepping inside and stroking the front of my diaper, "we're going to have so much fun, with me strapping you into the high chair and feeding you all of that yummy baby food that you'll oh-so-cutely get all over your face and bib. Oh, you'll be so adorable, I'll just have to take a picture and show all of my girlfriends how cute the baby girl is. Oooh, and I just can't wait until you fill up those Pampers with your big baby mess. It'll feel so nice around your little baby bottom, don't you think so sweetie? Oh, of course, your pacifier . . . how cute! Baby can't talk! Well you'd better hurry up and learn how to, baby, because you're going to be saying "I do" to your fiance whether it's in baby talk or not!"
My new sitter comes in and hugs my mommy as I get a wittle stiffen peepee and I ask if I can playwith my vibrator or a tampon to cum and eat my cum as my mommy pulls out four tampons and says don't let her fuck these all night change it every 4 hours if my boyfriend and I aren't here than bring your man over to fuck her she loves dick and pussy as I grab my tampons and tell mommy I'm running short on diapers and pullups and vibrator batteries.
I wub being babysissygirl Kimmi but me want a mama and a sister to teach me how cock tastes
As I stand in the sitters doorway,looking at this beautiful shapely young blonde girl,as she approaches my mommy.I think to myself,wow she can't be more than 5 years older than me.Hello I am Amy,and me and your young daughter will have alot of fun over this weekend.As my mommy ushers me inside.Amy then mentions to my mommy well looks like babyginagirl is dressed perfectly.I sooo love the short pink dress with all the yellow petticoats she is wearing,as she lifts the petticoats to make sure I am diapered.I love the pink tights and the black Mary Janes she is wearing on her feet,Amy also says to my my mommy. My mommy begins to speak to Amy,yes I have brought all the requested items.I have a great selection of babyginagirls  cloth  diapers& diaper pins ,plastic panties,onesies,pacifiers and other rompers and shortalls and skirts.Also my favorite playtex nurser bottles with her Similac formula.I also purchsed the Platex Tampons and Massengil douches,that you requested as her needed enema's and plugs.I then look shocked and begin to cry,as my mommy is explaining everything she brought with her.Amy then takes my hand and the 3 fully loaded pink diaper bags from my mommy,as mommy kisses me on my head,and says enjoy your stay baby girl.

Amy then leads me into a fully equiped nursery,and then explains some of the rules to me.First babyginagirl,your mommy told me she has found you wearing your sisters clothes,her bra's and panties and even her skirts many times.So do you really WANT to be a girl???With my head hanging down,while still crying I whisper out yessss Miss Amy.Good girl babyginagirl I hear her shushing me,as you slips a pink daisy duck pacifier between my lips.Amy then says,that all her charges,start off as baby girls,and as a baby,babies can ONLY crawl,no more walking upright.NOW sweet baby,on your hands and knees.As I go down the the floor,on the super soft and fluffy pink carpeting.I just smile up at Amy now.As I am now down,on my hands and knees,I feel Amy lifting my dress and petticoats out of the way,as she then says,time to check babygina's diaper.She then laughs and says,that will be my nickname while I am with her, BABYGINA.I next feel her slipping a couple fingers into the legband area of my plastic panty.I hear Amy then say,the sweet baby is only a little damp,she doesn't need a change yet.I then feel her pulling the back of the plastic panty and diaper away from my bottom.She then also says no messy bottom either ,GOOD babygina.Amy then pats my diapered bottom,and tells me to play with the baby toys for a while,it is only 10am.As I begin to play with the stuffies and dollies,as Amy begins to take everything out of the diaperbags and puts everything out on the diaper changing table.Amy then turns to me with the Tampon box and douche box in either hand,and thens looks at me and says soon sweet babygina,you will learn what it feels like to use both of these.Just like a REAL girl does,while laughing!!!!!
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