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Hello ,
Quick introduction , I'm sissy pauly from south of England. I'm an athletic, slim 30 yr old.
I crave humiliation - occasionally visit a local dominatrix who sissifies and humiliated me.

My ultimate humiliation would be to be forced to learn and dance to Girls Aloud songs. I watch a lot of their live sexy performances and pretend I can master their moves.

The biggest step from me was recently made, by going to Boots and buying lip plumping gloss and Cheryl Cole Faldo eyelashes. I was so nervous. I got served by a middle age lady, who seemed very helpful and polite. I revisited same sore to purchase bigger, fuller eyelashes and the same lady approached me and asked if I wanted any help? I kindly refused , picked up the lashes and proceeded to checkout where a young girl served me. I was bright red, she said he had to change the receipt roll, which took ages , and finally the sale was complete. I really don't know if I should go back or not.
Anyways ,
That's me .
Thanks xx
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Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby.
Aww your name is the same as my non Sissykiss name :) wont say more then that but i too am sissy and infantile but in the body of an almost 40yr old and living in Sth Australia welcome aboard fellow sissy.
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