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hi I am Krystina/Krystie. I am an abdl sissy who loves everything baby, diaper, and girly. I am looking for a moomy or daddy online to take care of this little girl. punishments can be embarrassing/humiliating. they can include forced wetting or messing, feeding, going out in public, wetting, messing in public and so on.i need someone who is loving, caring and nurturing, but strict and decisive. I will do just about anything and will answer any question. I have never been regressed vocally so I will was my words to communicate.
Yours cutely,
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Dear Krystina:

Welcome!  I wish you luck in finding a Mommie/Daddie, but they are way outnumbered by sissies.  I admire your courage to submit in public too, I'm a way-way closet sissy.  Roll play can be fun tho!
Baby Butch
Hello Kristina,

Welcome to Sissy Kiss, it is nice to meet another new member. I hope you find a mommy or daddy to take control of you in whatever ways you wish.

I agree that there are way more babies and sissies than caretakers on this site. Be an active member and post something. You can also leave comments on other peoples threads.

Have a great day!
Baby Butch : )

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