PG Do we have a Sissy Kiss Chat Room?
I seem to remember that we could "Chat with other Sissies" on this site.
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I seem to recall sometime, either when I joined, or looked at a recent intro page, the enticement "Chat with other Sissies!"
Does that just refer to the fact that we can leave our own IM info available to see on our profile, or do we actually have a chat room as part of the site?
I've been having fun chatting on a site called Sissy, but the affie we have, our dating site, the chat room is always empty.
Not that the site isn't wonderful enough already, but I would love it if we could not only see who was on, but send them an IM thru the site, and get together in our own chat room.
As I mentioned, I've been having fun chatting at Sissy, but their room is not without it's fair share of HNG's (Horny Net Geeks). :(
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Yes we certainly do have a chat. It's at the entrance of our forum:

You can scroll down until you see "The Sissy Kiss Chat" in big letters. Press that and the chat will open.
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