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 Hi sissy girls,

i wonder if there any other girls who like sissy jewelry as much as I do. 
As for me I have a absolute liking for earrings, pierced, of course. In vanilla every day life I usually prefer large hoop earrings but being if sissy mode, I like more tinier pieces like studs or much smaller rings. Just lately I bought these from the maid store along with a siss tag ...

Apart from this I like necklaces, bracelets and rings for my fingers - mostly two or three for each hand ... and in summer, of course, delicate anklets. 
Ohh yes, I nearly forgot to mention that I have my nipples pierced and have heavy rings inserted ... but that's may be another topic ... ;-)
So girls, let us all know what kind of sissy jewelry you like most ... :))
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Sarah Marina
Always loved earrings and matching necklace sets. A little over 10 years ago the wife took me to a jewelry store and I got both ears pierced. For little girl time, my favorite is pink butterflies, and for big girl time, I like them long and dangly so I can hear them jingle when I turn my head.
Ohhh, love to read your Wife took you to a jewelry store to have your ears pierced ... just as She would do with a little girl ... *giggles* ... I always loved those public places such as Claire's or Piercing Pagoda where all the girls shop and can watch when you get your ears done ... I had mine done many years ago at Claire's when I was still in male mode - with panties and bra underneath, of course. I still can remember that I nearly did wet my panties when I felt the little prick ...
I, too, love the idea of matching sets or when my earrings match the whole outfit ... Have a look here:
*sissy huggies*

Sissy Katrin 
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