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Hello dear Sissies, Last month I found SissyKiss and after my holiday I looked around a bit. I love to create and maintain my personal Sissy profile and show you a peek of my Sissy world.
In my Sissy world I love to wear silk, satin and sheer lingerie to feel sexy and diapers to feel young again. I hope to make some Sissy friends to share our needs and to learn new idea's to try.
Sweet Kisses from Dominiekje
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Hello Dominieknl:

You're the kind of girl this site was created for. Welcome aboard! I like to wear lingerie like Vanity Fair pettilegs (which I'm wearing now), panties, skirts, dresses or, if I'm in the mood for warmth and wetness when I get up on the morning, nappies (diapers).

Best wishes finding friends here in Sissy Land.

Flounces and sissyswishes and sweetness and luv,

Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss, glad you could join us.

 Hello Dominieknl:

You're the kind of girl this site was created for. Welcome aboard!


Hi Prissie, thank you so much for your kind word. It feels great to realize that there are more people that share the desire to feminize with all kinds of lingerie, together with the need to feel the pressure, soft-skin and warmth of a (sometimes wet) nappy. I wish I could wear them tonight ;-).

I am very happy to be able to sleep in satin panties already...

Sissy kisses!
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