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It had been a long day at the county fair with my two best
friends (Britney and Reagan) and we were all drained from
having so much fun. We all knew each other well
considering how much of our time we spend together. We
wanted to explore one last attraction before heading home.
I eyed the funhouse that had occupied my thoughts all
morning and it seemed like just the way to end a good day.
We used the last of our tickets to enter the attraction.
Approaching the structure we are greeted by a twinkling
almost backwards melody and rythmn that seemed to
inspire a bizarre form of deja vu - i just couldnt put my finger
on why. Inside the door we are quickly enveloped by a fog
filling a large dark room. The door we used to enter slowly
creaked shut sealing off the only way in. I begin to wonder
what things lie ahead when i hear my friends call to me from
down the hall. I catch up and follow close behind as we
navigate the twisted corridors. Nearing the end we find that
the hallway we are in spills out on a circular room with a
slowly spinning floor shaped like a funnel. The calliope
melody was in full force with its fluttering ambiance. I
glance around to see what was going on in my friend's
minds and we decide to make our way to the exit at the
other end. After a few test steps we hop onto the centrifuge
and make for the door. I am the first to get there and try the
door only to see that it is locked. Now worried i tell my
friends the news. About to give up they notice a doorbell
that says "ring for exit". Without hesitation i ring it and am
greeted by the floor jolting to an immediate stop. we all slip
and fall straight towards the hole in the middle. I catch
myself with my hands only to get nailed by my friend, which
sends us all straight through the funnel.
I land in a pit of soft foam and find myself in a circular room
with 3 numbered doors glowing in the black light. Each
door has a peculiar theme to it. "are you two alright?"
chimes in my friend reagan (a pronounced tomboy and
great athlete). I nod and say something disjointed as i pull
out of the pit to look at the first door. It looks like The
entrance to a baby's nursery. Curious i glance at britney
(chubby girl with a big heart and smiling face) who is
standing by an equaly peculiar door shaped like a pastel
castle with pink tulle curtains giggling about the situation.
She looks back and i glance at the ground shy as can be (i
am a quiet 16 year old boy who has never had a girlfriend or
even told a girl he liked her, and i am always scared stiff
when relationships become an option). Reagan is standing
by the 3rd door which is shaped like an old french toybox on
its side.

After discussing you all choose door : door 1 (nursery), door
2 (pink curtains), or door 3 (toybox)
skip ahead to your door below!

We come to our senses from having to decide and all
gather around the door that looks like a baby's nursery. I
get sort of awckward feeling as i dont like the direction this
is going (i am shy). Britney says "its as good as any" and
opens the door. We all follow close behind and find
ourselves in a dark cool room. The door shuts leaving us in
total darkness. I feel for the door behind me only to find
that it is gone. All i remembered from there was taking a
few steps only to feel myself walking on air, then begining to
float down and feeling heavy and sluggish mentaly as my
senses began to mix together and voices of friends sounded
far away and muffled.
I awake feeling drunk with some unknown
intoxicant, even though i suspect that this ailment of the
mind is most likely not a drug. I am what in what appears to
be a daycare i have never seen before and am not sure if i
am even in my own city. There are no windows to even hint
there is an outside to be heard of or if this is a part of some
fun house trick. I realize my pants are wet, even though i
had no memory of doing it. i turn away embarrassed to
have my friends find out when i hear EWWWW my pants
are wet! from reagan. Britney comes to and faces us with a
small patch of wetness and a glazed look about her. We
look around and there are two female attendants larger than
anyone i have ever seen in my entire life (at least 10 and a
half feet tall) coming into the empty room. They turn on the
lights and say "There's our babies!" and come toward us
with open arms. I slur "oh no we aren't babies, now how do
we get out of here?" and they say "im sorry nate(me), its
just ive never seen teenagers so small!". I ask "where am i
exactly? and how do you know my name?" She says "You
somehow got lost and wound up in our daycare - this place
is for babies that somehow never grew up, and parents
eventualy have to give them to someone who can take care
of them! I know everybody's name!" I say "well can you at
least help me get home? and she responds, "dont be silly-
you can live here! we are more than adequately equiped to
take care of teenagers who aparently arent even able to
keep from wetting their pants when they are away from
mommy 10 minutes." I was so embarrassed because I had
no idea how it happened. I start to get upset and say "well
can you at least help us get clean clothes and come to our
senses before we find a way out" so she agrees "ok i will
get you cuties some clothes and a towell, you can change
in here; then we can give it an afternoon to decide how to
get you home". I agree and we all wait for her to return.
We are all star struck and coming to our senses trying to
keep tears out of our eyes. The woman in uniform returns
with sets of baby clothes big enough to fit us (and from the
looks of them they would fit a baby nicely.) I show obvious
disaproval but she says "im sorry nate but its the only thing
we had that would fit kids like you". Britney says "so what
are we supposed to do, get naked in front of each other?!"
and she just walks out and says "ill return in 2 minutes" and
shuts the door. I say "I'm not risking upseting her" and start
to strip. My friends follow my actions and within the minute
we are dressed in the most babyish clothes you have ever
seen. The lady returns and hugs us all for being so
cooperative, then takes us down the hall to the mail box.
She says "I have to send a letter to the head of daycare to
request getting you kids home - but it will be at least a day
to hear back from her". I agree and soon the plea has been
mailed and we are all bored only having ourselves and the
busy maids to keep us company. I start to worry as i
havent used the bathroom in hours and i have to go. I stop
a maid and ask "wheres the bathroom?". she replies "there
are none! we dont need to use bathrooms and babys only
wear diapers! If you have to go you will just have to hold it
or agree to wear a diaper until we get a response just in
case". I decide to swallow my pride and agree to wear a
diaper, and suddenly she yanks all 3 of us off our feet and
lays us on the most gigantic changing table i have ever
seen. She starts pulling off all our clothes with the help of
an aid and i rush to cover my privates. She says "no need
baby" and puts her finger to her mouth whispering shhhh...
I just become cathartic and tense upwith my hands on my
face, watching my friends have similar reactions. They
powder us and oil us then put on the softest largest white
cloth diaper i have ever seen on each of us, then putting on
blue or pink cloth coated plastic pants on each of us. They
put our clothes on us then set us on floor with babies. I am
so embarased my entire body is tense and i just wait for the
feeling to pass. After a minute we all start to relaxe and say
"well this isnt so bad, im sure our letter will come and we
will be out by morning!".
The hours tick off watching the babies attack
challenges like blocks and picture books. I realize i really
need to use the bathroom and cant hold it anymore. I tap
my foot but its no use so i just force it and start to flood my
diaper, slow at first, then a full stream. Embarrased i realize
i was not the first to do so, and within the hour all four of us
are soaked. I realize quickly i have to poop. Now i am
stressed about that but afraid to open my mouth and then
once again i simply force myself and open up, flooding my
diaper with warm soft poo. It is really sticky and warm and
clings to my rear in a way that is sorta familiar yet so far
away. Reagan says OOOooo! stinky, wow nate! and the
attendant hears and comes in saying ooohhhh we have
messy babies! I thought i was going to die. She yanks us
all off the ground one again and strips us to change the
diapers. She cleans my entire private area and has us all
rediapered in minutes. We return to playing with the babies
then a letter comes in mail. They read it off to us and
quickly our hope is dashed to hear "our request has been
denied." Reagan finaly starts to cry and she says "there,
there... we will take care of you the only way we know how-
like babies! here you will never grow old and always have
someoone to care just like a mother!" Once again i start to
become overwhelmed with helplessness. My mind
becomes foggy and after being hugged by the large women
i am asleep very quickly once again (as are my friends).
I awake dressed in a onesie and a diaper in
some new nursery and a crib big enough for all of us with
sides so high we couldnt get out. I am wet and my friends
have messed gigantic loads in their sleep. There is a
spinning mobile on the ceiling. We wait discussing our
plight wondering what will become of us and if we will ever
get out of this. The attendant comes in and starts cooing
and making baby noises at us. Britney too now begins to
cry and she wisks us up to change us, exposing our
privates to her and each other. After being changed she
puts us on the floor with some gigantic stuffed toys and
blocks. At this point i realize i am starving. My stomach
rumbles. The lady hears and soon we are whisked up given
bottles to drink from. I say "what are you trying to do here,
dont you have normal food?" and she says "nope! this is all
we have for our babies!" and leaves. I consent silently and
start drinking my bottle. At this point britney whispers "lets
look for a way out guys". This challenge is not easy,
however, as the doorknob is too high for us to reach and
everything else appears steadfast. After searching the
room i am tired and go back to my friends are having similar
poor luck. We all concede defeat and start to talk. In some
ways being a baby might not be so bad - the lack of
responsibility could be interesting. I shrug it off but i catch
my friends looking off into space possibley thinking similar
thoughts. We are all still in our onesies. I look over toward
Britney and she is looking right at me. I get really shy and
just focus on the ground. She is still looking in my direction
and scoots up next to me and just says "Nate I'm worried..."
and i couldnt get over how feminine she sounded. It's right
at that moment Reagan spits out "I can't get over how cute
you two look in onesies and diapers!". Just then Britney
leans in and kisses me and my whole body lights up. It
takes a second but then i kiss her back and it is so special.
We are all on floor comforting each other when the
attendants come in to put us back in the crib for a nap.
I awake in the crib again with my friends. We are
tucked in with a blanket and snuggled up together in our
sleep with no memory of how we got there. We say to
ourselves "how did we get here?" as if seeing life for the
very first time with no recolection of the past or how long we
were asleep. I go to the other end of crib relaxed as can
be. I realize i am wearing a diaper and start to use it
naturaly for a second before realizing how taboo it was.
Quickly my pants are soiled and i start to cry since i didnt
know what else to do. My friends are so taken up by my
crying that they cry too and suddenly an attendant who is
huge compared to us unlike anything i have ever seen
before, not since i was a baby... whenever that was or
ended exactly... We are all lifted onto the changing table
and cleaned and a fresh new diaper put under each of our
bums. I blush around the girls. Another nurse comes in
and they each begin breast feeding us in two rocking chairs.
At first i was tense but then i just settled into her arm and
suckled her breasts natural as can be. My whole body
relaxes including my still closed bowells and bladder open in
full like a newborn. Just a small trickel comes out but i don't
care. After the feeding we all were given pacifiers and put
back in the crib with the lights turned out. The mobile was
spinnning softly and the tape player playing something soft
and babyish....

You are all regressed to the minds of 1 year olds
with each passing day. You eat like babies, make baby
noises, sleep like babies, cry like babies, play like babies,
suck your thumbs like babies, and are become totaly
incontinent making poop and pee in your nice soft diapers
for the rest of forever with no recollection of what you used
to be. END!

DOOR 2: Pink Curtains

After discussing which way to go briefly we
decide on door 2 with the pink curtains. It opens effortlessly
and reveals a grand hallway as if in a castle or aristocratic
chateau. Excited i shut the door behind us, only to find that
it is now locked from inside. Now the only way out is
forward. We start through the maze of hallways and quickly
become lost. After a few minutes we hear voices coming
from around the corner and then we are faced by two girls
dressed as ballerinas, who giggle and run away. Soon
enough they return only with friends, and an elderly lady
who is old and wrinkled but obviously still radiating the
beauty she had in youth. The old lady introduces herself as
madame dugal and welcomes us to her dance school for
girls. I ask how we get home and she quickly flutters off a
response "well that mereley depends just where home is for
you and how long you are willling to look - it could be very
close or quite far away indeed!". Reagan says "we just
went through a door in a fun house and would like to get out
if it isnt any trouble". Suddenly a look of intrigue comes
acrosss the face of madame dugal who says "i think i know
just what you are looking for." She takes us into her office
where she produces a little wind up music box. She winds it
3 full circles counter clock wise, and a tiny dancer begins to
spin to the tune of some forgotten ballet. Madame dugal
begins "in winding this music box i have opened the only
door to your world, and it will close after 12 hours at exactly
midnight, trapping you here forever if you do not find it but
be warned- this is not a place for the light hearted as you
may be overwhelmed by the spirit of my castle and lost to
us long before midnight if you are not strong." We were
worried just what would happen to us if we couldnt escape.
We were looking through endless hallways and
corriders past giggling ballerinas and instructors finding no
sign of a way home. With evening we consent to take a
break and settle down in an area with couches. A nearby
record player is playing a mysterious old dance tune. We
are talking and suddenly reagan and britney becoem
infatuated with the charm of the music. They start to dance
together in a graceful feminine way i have never seen from
either of them. I am impressed and tell them how great they
are, then suggest we keep looking for an exit. They ignore
me and continue to dance. I ask a passing student why my
friends were so unresponsive and she says "thats what
happens to children here! the girls are consumed by the will
to dance!" I ask "what happens to boys?" and her response
is "don't be silly, they turn into girls!" I am now paniced
wondering what will become of us. There are less than 2
hours until we will be trapped forever and my friends are lost
to me. I turn off the record and shout for my friends to
follow. We are running down the hallway and suddenly my
voice cracks an octave higher causign my friends to giggle
how girly i sounded. It was true, i sounded like a girl. As
we passed a mirror i realized my skin was becoming
smoother and I was growing breasts. I start to cry, which is
unusual because as a i guy i have never reacted this way to
anything before in my life. We find madame dugal and
plead for help escaping. She comforts us "there there,
being a ballerina isnt so bad" then pulls out her music box
which is still playing the same song and we all become
infatuated with the melody. I forget my anger and fear and
am hypnotized by the fluttering melody emanating from the
box. Before i know it i hear a clock chime 12 times and i
realize its already too late. My private parts tart to suck up
inside my body and turn inside out like a girl. My hair grows
long and i am the complete image of a teenage girl in the
ballet class. We all come to our senses and realize we are
trapped forever. Dugal says "oh my, what a shame- ill just
take you girls to your rooms, you are now my new pupils!".
She takes us to our rooms which have nothing but ballet
outfits and slippers and leotards in them. We consent and
accept our fate with a bit of melancholy looming in the air.

You are all turned into ballerinas by the
mysterious madame dugal. You are slaves to the dance
school and think about nothing but ballet. You eventualy
forget who you are and live the rest of your days happily
performing classics in tu tus and leotards!

DOOR 3: Toybox

We were all filled with curiosity about the different
doors but since we were ready to go home we just decided
on door 3 - the one shaped like a big toy box on its side.
We go through the door and see just a thick fog. I shut the
door behind us and look around for the exit. There is a
small house in the distance that looks like a victorian
mansion. We start to walk toward it and the door behind us
starts to move away from us as if it were enchanted in some
way or another. I turn around and walk back toward it and it
continues to move away. I get really scared and start to run
toward the door and it just moves as fast as i do. After a
good minute of running i realize its no use and stop. As i
walk back to my friends the door continues its descent into
the fog. We decide the house is our safest bet. We make
our way to the house and as we aproach it grass starts to
appear at its base and as we get closer and closer the
grass comes to meet us. By the time we are at the front
door we are on a hill and can see nothing but trees and
fields for miles. Reagan breaks the silence and says "ok
guys this is scary where are we?". I just mumble "if only i
knew..." and we all start looking in windows to see if anyone
was home. All I can see is fancy furniture and curtains and
carpets and a fully furnished home with nobody inside.
Britney grabs the door knob and it opens - totaly unlocked.
We yell "is anybody in there?" and start to look around after
we are greeted by silence. The furniture is very nice but i
still can't help feeling a bit uneasy. There is a closed door
in the middle of the wall on the living room that says
"theater" and when i notice it i say "who would put a theater
in a house like this". I look in and there is a stage with
large curtains and about 24 seats from what i can see. I go
in and walk up to the stage. There seems to be a trap door
on the second story (it is a high ceiling for lights and
effects). I go back out to get my friends only to find them in
the kitchen. Britney is looking at all the food. "It's all
sweets and tea! I'm in heaven". We each have a cupcake
and then I tell them about the stage. We all head back to
the theater space. They talk about how interesting
everything looked then I say "hey i bet we could get to the
catwalk from upstairs." We look for stairs and find them
toward the back of the house.
The second floor has bedrooms and mirrors and
closets filled with girly clothes that look like they were made
for dolls. Britney and Reagan start rummaging through
closets finding things they think would look good on them.
Soon they each have on dresses with poofy skirts and are
admiring themselves in the mirror when Britney says "I have
an idea" and looks at me. Now I'm worried. She says "let's
get Nate to dress up too!" I tell them there was no way that
would ever happen in their lifetime and they plead and I
finally consent "ok, but no pictures!" They pick out a frilly
blue dress with a white crinoline and help me get it zipped
up. They pick out socks and marry janes my size (which
alone is scary) and then take me to the mirror. I looked so
girly and was embarrased, but funny enough i had a stiff
one which i was hoping no one would see. Reagan goes
"you look adorable" and kisses me on the cheek in a
friendly manner. It was at that moment I suddenly became
very soft and fuzzy and my skin was tingling. I realized
reagan and Britney were feeling it too as they were slumped
or kneeling. The room began to spin and then i blacked
out. We all woke up at the same time on the stage only
now the room seemed boiling with light and oil gels were
dribbling about in slow motion. I say with a fluttry light
headed voice "I... th-think im f-f-feeling something weird
g-guys" and reagan comes in "are we really drugged?" It
was just then that the movie projector comes on and sends
out a bizarre pattern of blinding light and plays a mysterious
melody from above. It stops and we have no clue what is
going on. I try to stand up and slowly make my way to the
door. The living room is rippling and i am still feeling
fluttery. As reagan comes in she sees a white spot on
Britney and says "look! your back is turning pale!" It was
then I noticed that all of us had skin that was becoming pale
like porcelain in spots. I try to open the front door only to
find it was locked. Britney says "Maybe there's an exit in
the attic or at least an open window or something!" We are
still wearing the doll's dresses and went to find our original
clothes on the way but they were gone. I am now paniced.
We find the stairs to the attic and make our way up. The
attic is filled with drawing boards and dolls and parts of toys
and sewing machines. It looks like a small toy factory.
There are ropes hanging from the ceiling and a trap door in
the middle of the floor (probably the one over the stage).
Frantic i stumble over to the other end of the room and see
no sign of an open window. Suddenly i hear a noise and a
rope from the ceiling shoots down and grabs my right wrist
solid as steel. Reagan gasps and starts to run toward me
to help when a rope shoots down and lifts her up by her
ankles. Ropes come down from all over the ceiling until we
are dangling from ropes on all our limbs. The trap door
opens and the ropes begin to lower us down on to the
stage. My friends and I all have tears in our eyes as we
fear this is the end. All of a sudden the projector turns on
and it plays some old record and we are bathed in a
hypnotizing light. Suddenly my vision is filled with blue stars
and i am in a tunnel of white light rushing toward me and the
next thing i know the ropes go limp and i come down slowly
to the floor. I try to move but realize my feet are much
larger. I look at my friends and they have changed. We
are now the spitting images of dolls in frilly dresses. I too
am a doll with long curly locks of hair and large plastic

You are all transformed into dolls by the
mysterious dollhouse theater behind door #3. Over time
you become nearly mindless toys forever tied to the house
you live in, where you wander the halls and drink tea from
miniature cups for all eternity - until the dollmaker gives you
away to a new home that is (dolls that walk and talk and
think and feel are oh so popular amongst the young
daughters of the rich!)
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dr. koen
this is my first story and choose your own ending stories are hard even if theres only 3 endings, so go easy on me... I hope you all enjoy it. If you catch anything that doesnt seem right just tell me and ill edit it to be better.

also i am giving you a challenge: if you think of another SK apropriate ending: add it! i tried for 6 endings and gave up after 3. If you write one ill edit mine and add yours as a door 4 or 5 depending how many people make and I'll also give you credit at the begining for your part. Itd also be cool if people made more endings following the original 3 so its more like a branching CYE. Hope someone tries it! -matt-
Definitely number 2 for me. That would be simply lovely, darling.  

I believe there is actually a thread for "add to" stories, if that is what you would like this one to be. Maybe mention it to the moderators, and they could move it for you.
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sign me up for the second ending . . . .absolutly wonderful  
I got the second ending. I am a slave to the dance!
mix 1 and 2 for me
I also choose number 2. The thought of tomboy Reagan becoming a feminine ballerina, of her and chubby Britney now gracefully dancing together and getting lost in the music is rather heady.  And then to think it would be up to me to find a way out, but the more i search, the more feminine I become, until finally I am a graceful sobbing ballerina alongside my giggling friends! What an intoxicating image! 
Great story.
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