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Hello everyone, I'm Izumi the Kitsune, Izumikit, or even Izzie!

     I'm a big sissy baby boy also I happen to be a babyfur. My baby fur self is a Cybernetic Kitsune house kitty mix with silvery Grey for and black paws and tail tips, hehe. 

     As for me in real life, I am another sissy trying to get a part time job and go to school. I am studying for a Bachelors in computer science and have the dream of being self supportive and finding a caretaker and a lot of baby and sissy friends some day.  Right now things are the best but are indeed getting better slowly and things are improving I have started to look for people to get to know. I

    As for the sissy baby but, I'm a loving somewhat mischievous sissyboy who should be kept padded, in girly outfits, and possibly mitted . But will listen to his caretakers once he knows who the big person is around. In the end I love snuggling, playing games, playing with toys, and being a loving little affectionate sissy to everyone! 
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Baby Butch
 Welcome to Sissy Kiss, nice to meet you, enjoy yourself while you are here. I also like to wear diapers.
Thanks, I hope this place gets a bit more active!
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