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you probobly all know this site but here goes I would just love to try these outfits on myself and do anything to own just a few of them

hugs and kisses to all my sissy sisters and stay diapered and dry we wouldn't mess our pretty dresses

Ps. tell me which of the dresses is your favourits
Hugs and kisses from everybody's Sissy Larissa

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I love the site, I have been a big fan of Elli's for over 10 years and adore everything about her. I would so love to spend everyday as she does and she has long been an inspiration. I remember when I first saw her picture, I just knew that that was how I wanted to live, that I wanted to be a little girl.

I couldn't really pick a fav dress, I love them all, but at a push it would be page 21.

x x x


  Thx for sharing this Wonderful find dear   
May the Fun never END . giggles , Summer,s Hot How About You ,
~*Christie Luv*~
Yay! Princess Elli! Yes I have loved her for a long time too. She is such a darling and an inspiration to me. Her dresses are so dreamy!

Oh my gosh, I had almost forgotten about Princess Elli! She was one of the biggest reasons I became a sissy, and until now, I had no idea there was more than just that old GeoCities page that hasn't been updated in nearly a decade. (By the way, it's here if anyone wants to go see. ) Thank you so much for sharing this! *hugs*

*EDIT* Oh, and my favorite dress is either number 27, 53, or 8.
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