PG 13 Sissy Diaper Boy Transitioning soon.
Transitioning soon, looking for friends, support, and a lesbian lover for after my change.
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I am starting down the long, expensive, time-consuming road of transitioning from a man to woman. I have always wished I were born a girl. I also strongly prefer girls. I wants to find a strong, dominant, protective, loving, woman who will accept my baby-girlish ways. I will always work, and don't want to be taken care of financially. I only want to be taken care of emotionally and physically to an extent. I have a whole wardrobe of female clothes such as panties, nighties, skirts, shirts, dresses, thongs, bras, stockings, socks, flip flops flats, short shorts, skinny jeans and such. also have the works as far as make up. I try to shave regurally except when I is sad. I also have other sissy items such as toys (; diapers both clothe and disposable with cute pink covers, pacifiers. Message me anytime. I am searching for friends, support, and love. <3
huggies and kissies to everyone
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