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Hello, Sissies and parents!  

I'm a new mommy of a widdle sissy baby boy, and we're having kind of a hard time finding good play-clothes. We've checked all over the internet, and while we've found some great stuff, we've also found that there seems to be a lack of every-day type stuff, particularly shirts.

So, does anyone here have any advice? I figured that, if anywhere, this would be the place that would know! 
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I presume that you have tried ebay.
Search under Adult Baby Sissy.
After you found what appeals to your venture - look up what else
the seller sells.
Look at the sellers rating and then look at who has bought from
this seller.
Even if the seller sells PRIVATELY look at the buyers history and
then look further at sellers the buyer has bought from.
You will not see what the buyer has bought but you find what the
seller has sold to other private buyers.
Some sellers even custom order on the side from ebay and welcome
your fantasy ideas for their store inventory.
You mention shirts - there are or is a seller selling Pampers & Huggies
T shirts. What is really neat is to get the T shirt just short enough
to just touch the waist line (can't tuck it in) and therefore can not
hide the diapers or diaper covers. Also consider getting it in a size
smaller than usual with pastel colors (Think Pink) with baby appliques.
You could go to JoAnn or other dry goods retailers for iron on appliques.
Let your imagination run wild and dream the utlimate fantasy for you
and your baby (possibly yourself).
Have fun and enjoy your trip to baby heaven.

Its the best place I have seen.. v.v
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