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Hi I have been one this site countless times so I decided to join. I don't know exactly why other then I felt like it. I'm still trying to understand it as I go and some of the text is so light/bright I can't read it. Well I'm not sure what to say other then the basics; I'm AB/DL and I greatly enjoy anything related to that. I'm straight, I'm (not exaggerating) a vary sweet guy, I'm as honest as I can be, as open minded as I can be, I'm dyslexic and  forgetful at times. I'm mostly interested in talking with females but I don't have much of an interest talking to other males for an increasingly long list of reasons. I only let females baby/dominate me and not some male pretending to be female.

I know what I want and I'm not a sissy to tell someone what I don't want. I love to be kept as a baby girl in thick diapers. I do enjoy 'at times' to be treated like a sissy and humiliated. I enjoy having multiple women seeing me in my diapers and sissy dresses while they tease me in one why or another. I have a few ladies already taking care of me and I'm happy to have more. I would assume there are actual females on this site since any sissy would need some female influence. I joined an adult forum site when I turned 18 and I've been there for almost 3 years. It's a wonderful site and has one amazing community. I hope this community is just as good.

P.S. I literally went over this post at least 10 times to make sure it sounded fine and the spelling what good. Also when trying to see what the ratings mean. It gives an error screen. That might need to be fixed. What does it even mean by " you can not make duplicates of the another title you have made"? This is my first post ever. Does it mean you can't have the same title that another person has?

This site is coded in such a strange way.
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