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Hi, it's a sissy burlesque! Come get feminized so you can be a sweet burlesque girl! This one is an all fem one, but don't worry sweeties, I'm making AB fem ones later. I plan to mix it up from time to time. The lovely Racheal Ramone, and Michelle from the story is in the picture. See if you can figure out which one they are. ^_^

Le Sissies Belle Femme Burlesque

Migel just finished an amazing concert. He was a famous musician, able to do all sorts of different styles in music. He was in his dressing roon when Migel's makeup artist left him a letter from "Le Sissies Belle Femme Burlesque" A beautiful perfume smell flew out as he opened it. In it was a note with sparkles, and pinup girls adorning it that said, "I saw your performance tonight, and we'd would love to have you play at our little cute burlesque neck of the woods after the girls get them ready for you. What do you say mon chou? Just be here, anytime of the day, exactly two weeks from now. The plane tickets are inside. Miss Nicolette Rosalie XOXO" He thought it must be a french style burlesque, "It's in New York as well. Hmm, I'll have to follow a fabulous show like that? Will they want me to take it off?" He laughed, and decided to do it.

Once the day came, he arrived, and it was a big place with beautiful style. In the lobby he saw a lovely lady in a short satin, and lavender dress with short red hair. She was very excited to see him, and went to go get Miss Nicolette. He saw Miss Nicolette, he saw a lady radiating elegance in a red dress and brunette hair, and she had two burlesque girls walking by her side like they were her personal assistants. Migel heard Miss Nicolette say to the lobby lady, "Thank you for letting me know, Sissy Julien dear." Migel thought "Julien?" he looked at her and thought "Is that a small hint Sissy Julien used to be a guy?" but without Miss Nicolette saying that he wouldn't be able to tell, and he felt Sissy Julien was quite sexy as a girl.

Miss Nicolette said to Sissy Julien, "Hey hun, what's that lipstick spot on your neck?"

"Um, our last clients left me a very friendly tip Miss Nicolette."

"Good belle."

The Miss Nicolette said to Migel, "Ma cherie, thank you for coming! Let me show you to your dressing room." Migel was happy to follow along and as they went along he saw they had many shops, and all sorts of exotic displays of art. Suddenly a girl walking by had eyes so beautiful it made time stop for Migel, as she past by he turned and walked backwards as he tripped on something and fell on a big shelf full of fine china. He got up, but found that nothing was broken. "Phew" Migel gave a big sigh of relief. *Yerrrrrrroooooogn* was a sound he heard as he hesitantly turned around seeing the 15 foot shelf slowly fall backwards, and hitting another shelf behind in, and down went the fine china, and down went the glass perfume bottles behind it. Like dominoes it happened again. Down went the 10 inch glass dildos, down went the glass kitty cats, down went the glass boob collectors items, down went the 50 foot high replica of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire made entirely of wine glasses...

Miss Nicolette watched, and her two assistants mouths dropped down in shock. Though Migel was impressed how Miss Nicolette could keep her cool. She simply crossed her arms, and waved a finger for Migel to come to her. With a nervous grin he did. "Lunch break" said a woman at the cashier as she walked away.

In Miss Nicolette's office she said to Migel, "That was about half of a million dollars worth of things. I'm afraid your going to have to work for us until it's all paid for. Not to worry, we have a place you can stay while your here. Racheal Romane has been really asking for a new roomate." She asked one of her personal assistants to ask her over, and by Migel's surprise about 15 minutes later walked in the girl that made him feel like time stopped earlier. She had blonde hair, and dark green eyes. "Baby doll, I know you've been wanting a roomie lately and as it happens Migel here is a musician and needs a place to stay. Would you like to try it out? If he ever is naughty he can end up sleeping in the maids supply closet." Racheal giggled at that thought, and nodded that she will do it. Miss Nocolette said, "You have to do everything Racheal says Migel. She is in charge, you got that?" Migel said yes, and he offered a handshake to Racheal. She then ran up to him, ignoring his hand, and hugged him so tight he lost his breathe!

One of the burlesque girls asked, "Miss Nicolette, um why exactly did we have a 50 foot high replica of the castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire made entirely of wine glasses in the first place?"

"Well, somebody's got to have a hobby around here, and somehow we had an exceedingly large amount of wine glasses."

Later in Racheal's place, "I have an extra room that's there for any of the burlesque girls, and some of my past roomies have used it. Please don't redecorate. We need to keep it the way it is in case a new girl would like to stay in a couple months, or if your naughty." She opened the door to it, and it was a girly dreamland. Everything was pink, and purple with floral designs, an big comfy satin canopy bed, with many teddies and pillows, a pretty vanity area, and a closet so big it was a room in itself full of womens clothing, and skimpy burlesque outfits. He also saw a wall of picture frames with panties displayed inside them, and lipstick kisses above the panties, with names displayed in them as well.

"Racheal what are these?"

"Those are the girls that have stayed here. When they leave we frame their favorite burlesque panties, and they give a lipstick kiss for any new roomies that get to stay here. Maybe you can add your favorite panties, and give lipstick kiss too when you leave. *giggle*"

"Haha very funny."

"'Kay, so, have lovely time here." Racheal left the room with a big smile on her face, and Migel wondered around, and found there is not much room for his clothing. He sat down on the bed, but felt a bump under the bed cover. He reached under the covers, and pulled something out. It was a big 15" dildo, "eep!" He yelled, and jumped up as it flew across the room.

The next morning Migel woke up in the big satin bed, and he saw some clothing hanging on the door with a note. It said "Wakie wakie, here is your new uniform to wear while doing things Miss Nicolette wants you to do." He checked it out, and it was a pastel outfit with soft tight pants, and a white satin top with a floral vest. He thought, "This is so girly, how could I go out in this?" and he remember how much he owed Miss Nicolette, so he slipped on the clothing feeling like his masculinity is slipping away. Racheal was outside, and saw Migel. "Aww you look so cute! Come on honey, Miss Nicolette is waiting in her office then we can go have some breakfast. I got my purse have you gotten yours? *giggle*"

"Oh haha, and that's hilarious." Migel said with sarcasm.

Away they went, and Miss Nicolette loved his new look, and her burlesque girls couldn't stop giggling.

She said, "Mon amour I'm so happy you put on the outfit! This is the Sissy Femme Burlesque so I hope you don't mind that everyone here gets in touch with their femme side. Working with the lobby girl Sissy Julien would be lovely for a firstie. Every time she says you did anything bad and didn't mind her, I'll add an extra girly item to your outfit."

Migel said, "..but I have music skills, wouldn't you want me to be a part of the show?"

"I think I can find a spot for you later sweetie, but for now you two play nice together."

Migel went to work at the lobby that day, and he blushed so much being seen by so many people in that outfit. Sissy Julien was thrilled to see they got to work together, and gave him lots of hugs and kisses when she saw him. She said he could borrow some of her clothes she had when she just started out as a sissy. Migel blushingly said no and he said it's just because he has to pay back Miss Nicolette. Julien gave a sarcastic, "Mm hmm"

The next morning he found panties, and a bra hanging on the door, and a note that said, "Hi sweetie, Sissy Julien told me when she said to clean the desk you completely forgot to, and you didn't wear your name tag. So that's 2 things you didn't mind her on. So you have to wear bras and panties." Migel thought, "My goodness what will they do next if I slip up?" When he slipped on the panties and bra he was shocked at how much he loved the soft feeling of them on his skin and how they made him feel. Which made him confused.

He put on the rest of the outfit, and found it fit him much better than yesterday, and he wondered if he has slimmed down some, and his hair on his head grew a lot faster then it usually does. It was an inch longer than the day before.

Racheal came in and said, "Good morning sugar."

Migel asked, "Um Racheal do I seem a bit skinner to you, and does my butt seem rounder?"

"Oh let me see." She grabbed, and slapped his tushie. "Oh dear!" squeaked Migel. "Nope it seems fine to me!"

When he came in he got a whistle by someone passing by which made him blush. Sissy Julien gave him a big hug. She popped out a little make up mirror, and started to put on lipstick. Then she waved the lipstick in front of Migel's face and said, "Would you like some sweetie?" Migel shook his head no. "Oh your no fun." she pouted.

Later that night after being Sissy Julien's assistant. Migel was in his new girly room, and after looking at the lovely lingerie in the closet he kind of got curious what it would be like after how sweet he felt in the panties. He slipped on a soft pink baby doll, and decided to cuddle up with a teddy that was on the bed, and drifting away into a beautiful sleep. He thought something was as if he has been hearing soft sweet hypnotic music under the sound of an air conditioner going, but before he could think about it too much sleepiness overcame him.

The next morning Migel awakened feeling very happy, and giddy. Glancing over to see if something was there for him for being naughty, he instead saw Racheal giggling at how cute he looked.

"Oh my, you are a little sissy, aren't you. Somebody got a hold of a baby doll gown!"

Migel very surprised said, "Oh Racheal, it's not what it looks like!.."

"Sure it isn't cutie. Guess what Miss Nicollete has for you now."

She pulled out from behind her a short satin skirt, and a frilly blouse. "Sissy Juliet said you didn't mind her when you didn't help her redecorate the lobby for our Little Miss Bo Peep Show, and you didn't help a burlesque girl into her outfit. Now you get to look cute as can be in these! Stand up so you can get dressed!"

Racheal helped Migel put on the outfit over panties and a bra. Migel looked into a mirror, and Racheal giggled at how she saw a little bump form in the skirt. Migel wondered what happened to his leg hair which was now almost invisible peach fuzz. He didn't think it was possible but he was skinnier than before and his waist was more curvy. Racheal said, "Oh hun, to wear a cute short skirt like that you need some lovely legs to go with it, lets make them smooth and shiny." She led him in the bathroom, and shaved his legs.

Later that day Sissy Julien loved Migel's new look! Sissy Julien even added a little flower for Migel's hair. Migel also got some lipstick kisses from some of the customers, just like Siss Julien got when he first came in. He couldn't believe it but he was turning into a cute sissy girl just like her! He felt his satin skirt just to try to get a feel for the situation, but instead it made Migel feel very turned on.

After they were finished, Sissy Julien had an idea that she would take him out shopping. They went to a stylist, and they applied lipstick, and gave Migel long nails, with lots of makeup to take back home, and they styled his short hair into a pretty girls short style.

Migel looked in the mirror, and he couldn't believe how beautiful he felt, and it felt so amazing being pampered! Sissy Julien took Migel back to her place to try on lots of her outfits. She had a lot of sexy adult role playing outfits that they put each other in. They eventually came back to Racheal's place giggling in sexy bunny outfits, and they decided to sleep in the big satin bed cuddling each other.

As morning arose Migel thought how much he loved last night when they made sweet love to each other as softly touching, and fiddling fingers were carressing sleeping Sissy Julien, and as they explored Migel's eye's popped open wide as they felt two new small developing breasts on his chest. He looked over to see if anything was there for being naughty, but he disapointedly saw nothing was there. Migel guessed he was a very good sissy yesterday.

Racheal came in with a lavishing, and sparkly burlesque girl outfit in her hands. She said, "Hi babe, guess what you get to wear for your new gig! Miss Nicolette did promise you a place in the show after all, and I'm sure you will be such a cutie in this!" Migel was stunned, and let Racheal slip it on. Migel felt glittering with beauty.

He asked, "Racheal, does it look like I have budding breasts to you?" Racheal smiled and said, "Okay, I think I can let you in on what's been going on now. Ever since Miss Nicolette first saw you sing she loved it, and she knew thousands of sissies before, and knows one when she sees one. That's why she invited you here. She wanted a lovely new burlesque girl that can sing like an angel just as you did. As for the big domino's glass boobies incident, that was real, yyyeeaah, you still have to make up for that. Also, we kinda had hypno music in this room, and I've been adding a little extra ingredients to your breakfast so your body can be a nice devoloping sissy girl, but, none of that works at all unless you were already a sissy to begin with. They were just enablers of what you already had inside you. It was someone wanting to come out. Almost every girl here is a lovely sissy just like you."

Migel's mouth dropped in surprise, and then he hugged her, "Racheal? Can you call me Michelle?" Racheal said "I'd love to!" Sissy Julien was up, and adoring the whole thing, "Come on sweetie, lets show the burlesque girls the new the new burlesque babe!" Michelle cheered, "Yeah! *giggle*"

(Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even make the drawing into a cute wallpaper!)
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Wow!! sweetie your talent never fails to leave me breathless x x x


I love your art, Christie! Good work! The story's really good too!
I wish I could be there! I want to be femme!
~*Christie Luv*~
Yay! Thank you for your comments! I'm so glad you liked it!  
giggle I think Racheal is on the left and Michelle is on the right. Even if I'm wrong I loved the story and the art
"The Flowers of Friendship "
By Jennifer Funshine

~ Written For Amanda ~

A gentle butterfly flutters by her window
The subtle breeze kisses her cheek tenderly
Only Heaven can hear the words she whispers
Only angels have seen the color of her dreams

There's a special memory kept within a locket
Next to the ivory music chest upon her dresser
When that ballerina dances, Amanda remembers
How those dreams gave her the strength to be free

And believe...
In the flowers of friendship
Camellia, jasmine and daisy chains
And in my heart is sown only one wish
That she know the gift of love, unashamed

At it's core this earth we adore is loveless
People's compassion always plays hide and seek
Still, Amanda stands before these foolish judges
And with every word she expresses in her speech
The garden of her soul grows even more vibrantly

Rain like tears of joy descend upon supple twilight
Starry sky painted with majestic hues of rose-violet
Adorned in pink satin panties and tangerine sun dress
Amanda lovingly tends to her garden, full of happiness

So full of happiness...
In the flowers of friendship
Marigold, delphiniums and sage
Her love unfolds through the ages
She knows every one by their names.
With Much Love
Mina Silverwind
You did a fantastic job on this fun caption, the story is sweet, and you made my day with the lovely art.
success is not how many times you win but is instead our ability to learn that we win by never giving up when times are tough.
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