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Hi Everyone,

I just want to let everyone know about a seller on Ebay who's clothing is of a fantastic quality. 

Recently I started looking at getting more adult baby and sissy clothing however it is super expensive! After vast hours of searching I found a Seller called Kimberlysecret (link below). I e-mailed the seller as I wanted to ask a thousand and one question (as always) about the clothing, she responded very promptly. 

The main reason of e-mailing was to see if I could get a different size (being quite small can have its drawbacks) to which to she asked for measurements so she adjust the clothing. I promptly placed my order and within 24 hour the pieces of clothing I ordered were adjusted and dispatched!  

Once I got the items of clothing I was very surprised about the quality of the items, being cheaper I expected poor quality, this however was not the case, the clothing is of an outstanding quality, I was very shocked, I will definitely be ordering from here again.

I thought I would let you know seen as though I had such an outstanding experience, hope you all have time to check it out at some point.  

Flashbaby :)

Link to the ebay site :)

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I've bought a super cute and girly dress from her myself, she's a very talented seamstress.
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