PG 13 Sissies from London??
Looking for Sissies in London or Paris for a fashion subculture exhibition in Paris!
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Hello Everyone!

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Dora, I'm a french fashion journalist and i LOVE Sissy's fashion.
I'm actually planning to do a small exhibition in Paris showcasing different subcultures ( Sissies, Kandy Kids, Seapunks...etc) .I'd love to show some Sissies dresses. People are not aware at all, about how amazing these ruffles dresses/panties are, and i'd like to take them out of the context, and to showcase them as art .I'm looking for sissies that would like to be involved in this project.I'm originally from Paris, but i'm living in London. Is anyone living in London, here? ( or from Paris?) I'd love to meet Sissies in the area to discuss this project! Please contact me if you're interested!

If you are a sissy fashion designer, even if you're not from london, please contact me! I'd love to show your designs in the exhibition!

See you soon.
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I'm in London, I'd model, or summink.
Baby Butch
Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby in Florida. I am not a designer, just a sissybaby.
Hi Dora

This is very interesting, I never thought of sissy dresses etc as a fashion subculture but yes I guess it is. It's wonderful that you are showcasing this in a positive light, away from the fetish area. I truly wish you all the best and I do hope you post some pictures or maybe write a post about how it goes.

I am actually not far from London but alas I am not the model type, but I hope you do get some willing sissies x x x


Hi! You don't have to be the model type!
I'm looking to borrow some sissies outfit to showcase them.
I wish i could buy everything, but i think it's more interesting to borrow it to real sissies!
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