PG Silicone Adult Size Pacifier
Silicone Adult Size Pacifier
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have you all see the new Silicone Adult Size Pacifier. Oh my golly its a little pricey, but if you are like me that needs it to get to sleep its worth it. i need to change my every four or five month for you little that haven bought from them.
life is to short to stand in a line for the potty, diaper are for big girls too
luvs and kisses toddlerAnne
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SissyDesiree -- this looks too big!

There used to be a company that made AB binkies with a large, round bubble on the end, not flattened like the NUK nipples. It really filled the mouth. I lost track of the site years ago, though.

- Sissy Desiree
- Sissy Desiree

I've used a Nuk #5 for years. not all the time since i don't live alone but whenever i am.
only issues are the teat is a little smaller then one would actually need but it looks authentic since it's an oversized baby dummy
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