PG Shy me saying ''Hi!'' to all the nice and wonderful people on Sissykiss. :)
This would have been a wall of text, but no more..
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Hi.. ehm..

This would have been a topic filled with a hugh wall of text, telling a big part of my story as a closet sissy and crossdresser, but.. unfortunately, when I tried to ''Preview Post'', got an error, and when I tried to go back to the text it gave me an empty page..

Quite. Irritating. >_
~Longtime lurker looking to leave lurker life.
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Welcome. Please feel free to contribute, even if it's just comments in response to other postings. Lots of us share one or more of your interests, and we understand how you feel, so don't be shy.
- Sissy Desiree

Heya! You're not alone. There's plenty of people hanging around who aren't into the AB stuff, and go for the feminization.
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Hey cool your story almost matches mine! Im also 19 and have been mostly a lurker for the longest time. Though unlike you i am into the whole AB scene and i dont actually own any girly clothes in real life but we should be friends anyway, I'm trying to drop my lurker status and make some friends.
Looking for friends
Thanks for the feedback. It actually really helps. :)

I will try to keep up posting so I don't turn into a lurker again, but it's still really difficult for me to do after all these years because of how nervous I am.. ^^''

I will see if I can participate in some discussions, or perhaps even try to make a caption, though I am quite picky when it comes down to it, so that might cause some problems..

Would be great if I eventually were to gain access to the special member forum! :3
~Longtime lurker looking to leave lurker life.
Baby Butch
"Ra, ra, ra, go captioned piccies, my favorite forum too!"

"Welcome to Sissy Kiss from a big baby who likes diapers!"

Nice to meet you, Butch. :3
I've already seen lots and lots of your work. ^^

Also; I just made my first caption myself.
You should be able to find it in captioned piccies..

I hope you will enjoy it. ^^
~Longtime lurker looking to leave lurker life.
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