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Hi girls, well, yesterdays shopping trip was all i hoped it would be, a mixture of nervousness, excitment and a little humilliation and a new skirt and top as i could not find a dress i liked. Mummy Michelle put me in my nappy and plastic pants with my track suit bottoms on top, i was convinced that it would show but mummy assured me that it was fine. She also made me wear a pink top with white lace around the sleeves and collar, it was v neck so when i did my fleece up it wasnt on show. We then went off to the shopping centre in Southampton, parked the car and i was so nervous but mummy said it would be fine. We went into New Look first and got a giggle from two girls when Mummy held a red dress up to my shoulders, i went bright red and tried to hide behind a rack but the girls where watching me now. When they were within earshot again mummy asked, a little too loudly if my nappy was still dry. Well the two girls burst out laughing and i could not hide my embarrasment and they came round and saw the bulk under my trousers and just died laughing. Mummy thought that this was funny and i was red but very excited at the same time. After going into a few more shops i could not find a dress i liked but spotted a lovely, pleated denim mini skirt. I asked mummy if i could buy it and she said that i had to try it on then promptly asked a young female assistant if i could use the changing room. Well we both went red but she said yes and led us to a cubicle in the corner, we got some odd looks from other female customers but went in and i took off my trousersand put on the skirt, my nappy showing from underneath. It was a little tight so mummy said that she would get a larger one and off she went. A minute later she returned and yes, left the curtain open slightly and the same young assistant was stood there open mouthed as i stood there in my nappy and pink top. i cringed with embarrasment as i then had to go and pay for the skirt while she stood at the other side of the counter grinning at me. As we left the girl patted my padded bottom and said "Bye Bye Baby". i smiled and left quickly. The rest of the trip went without incident apart from a few little girly comments from mummy, usually close to other girls, we purchased a lovely baby blue Minnie Mouse top and went home. My skirt and top look so nice together and i know that i will never be able to wear them without thinking of yesterday. I have begged mummy to let us do it again soon as it was the most exciting, humilliating day of my life, and the best. XXX 
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Oh wow, what an amazing day!!! Thankyou for sharing.


te he sounds like a great day!
i'd of wet my self if that'd happened to me x x x x x
thank you for the wonderful story
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