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All PG Shaving Rash
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Hiya Girls

For many years ive been shaving all hair off my body, but i still get bad shaving rash, normally the next day, but tonight its come straight up.

im using foam for sensitive skin and a Venus Gillette razor, followed by moisturizer after a nice bath
i get this rash on legs / chest and face.
its hard to feel pretty with lots of rash :(

any ideas how i can stop this happening?

I would like to be hairless 24/7, at the moment i have to wait untill im going out before shaving to avoid the problem
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I sometimes have a lil rash if I try to use the same razor too long.  They can be quite hard to clean properly.  The other thing is   you might try changing brands of foam and moisturizer.
Good Luck
Is it because you are shaving against the grain or maybe you are shaving the
same area from multiple angles expecting to further the shortness of the cut ?
Another factor if you wait too long after wetting and preparing the shaving
surface the foam may have lost its properties of allowing the shaving blade
to smoothly cut. Would there be any possibility of residual make-up that you
did not completely remove having an interaction with the shaving foam ?
The obvious of using a new fresh blade(s) can not be overlooked. The new
shavers have multiple blades and do a much better job than the old two blade
models. Are you shaving after showering or bath which is a great time to do it ?
Shaving cold turkey is not the best prep.

I think the big issue may be NOT shaving quickly enough after prepping the

little Chloe
Thankyou both for your ideas

I shave directly after getting out of the bath, and shave against the grain, but never do multiple strokes without first re-foaming the area.

As soon as this rash is gone i will try changing blades more oftern as i tend to use them 2-3 times.

Baby Butch
My experience with shaving is that "Razor Burn" occurs with a blade that is not new. Sometimes my skin is bothered by going over one area too much. You might try an unscented cream that is all natural.
 Here is another thought on the subject - using new blades and changing
frequently - I used one of those multi-blade shavers with a bonus of the
cutting head is vibrated by a small battery. It really is amazing how this
vibrating head just saws thru the forest leaving a clean cut without any
irritation. While these type of shavers are more expensive (about $20)
the only real maintenance is replacing the blades (you have to do that
anyway) and the battery (or recharge it). Can be used wet or dry which
may be the difference in your perceived comfort.
When shaving make sure that you don't waste a lot of time after prepping
the shaving area with the cream gel or whatever you use.
Also try to keep the prepped area hot as long as possible.
The statement of shaving "Cold Turkey" is not to be taken lightly !
Cold Turkey shaving the blades dig deep into unyielding skin and tend
bounce all over - nothing smooth here at all !

And presume that you have tried other methods of shaving cream gel
etc. - thought about using baby oil or lotion - nothing irritating here
might be a tad more messy but a good hot water clean up works.

Again a reminder not to shave against the grain or make multiple passes
over the same area. Also try to avoid shaving frequently in the same day
give the skin a chance to recover !

Use a nice lotion on the areas you shaved. Alternatively, even aloe era might work just to relieve the burn. Lotion always helped kill razor burn for me.
I use EOS shaving cream, it doesn't foam but is like a lotion, you can get it at walmart. ALSO after you shave use some pure (no color or additives) aloe vera gel (you can also get this at walmart) which promotes healing from shaving and unscented sensitive skin body lotion! This will help keep the rashes away and will leave your skin silky smooth! I get bad rashes...this works for me



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