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I can't seem to find or read old sent private messages I had. But I can read old received messages. Is there a problem or is this not possible anymore?
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~*Christie Luv*~
Hi there! Yes you should be able to see your own messages that you sent. I checked, and I'm able to see PM's I sent, and I looked in the database. The private messages sent by you are in there.

So, is this happening to you at the inbox where all the private messages are listed, or is it on the page where you see the actual conversations in the PM's?

If it's at the inbox are you sure you are not just looking at the avatars because the avatars are who last posted, rather than who made the private message. You can see who made the private message with the message under the BIG title of the PM that says "Started by X and sent to Y". So you could try to look for one that says "Started by Diaperskirt and sent to..."

If you are still having issues feel free to let me know, and I'll look into it more with any extra details you can give.
~*Christie Luv*~
Oh the page navigation buttons were not working.
  Was that what you were experiencing? I've now fixed them, and you can press them to see your past messages.
Baby Butch
Until this evening my Inbox was limited to page one.

Now the other pages are showing up again!

~*Christie Luv*~
Yay! I'm very glad I could help out!
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